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Blue vs. Red and Green: Is this the future design of Intel's graphics cards?

Recent computerized adaptations may be the ones that reveal how the E- Intriguing chip makers to the home gaming world

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With all the excitement over the launch of the And the new GeForce is easy to forget for a moment that next year we may have a radically different graphical processing market, and with a little bit more competitive luck - with the expected joining of the company Race through a series of products that will get the name .

We still don't know what to expect from Intel's first dedicated video cards in terms of performance and capabilities (though the promise of processing power over TeraFLOPS with built-in 11 graphics core in mobile processors certainly gives us hope) - but now the Weibo chipset's official account Chinese Posting photos Which seemingly reveal the design that awaits us around the corner.

Is it really the The first one to arrive sometime in 2020?

The dual-format graphics card (2 standard slots in the package) documented in the illustrations is based on mostly blue tones, as befits the branding that accompanies the Has been in the world of processors for years, with a metal plate for heat dissipation, an array Three active fans (with the medium with a good X logo), three exits Plus port And a pair of 8PIN connectors for power supply that indicate maximum power consumption of more than 300 watts.

Probably also And its partners will offer several models of different power and prices to consumers - the power connections here may indicate that this is the flagship

We have no real way of knowing whether this is the real thing or an early concept at this stage, but we like what we see, and we will not object if the final products of Keep these visuals in mind - all of which is of course only secondary to the competitiveness in performance and prices that we long for.

Platter to improve heat dissipation and other elements in different blue colors

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