The Broadwell Generation: The graphics performance is exposed to HWzone
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The Broadwell Generation: Graphic performance is exposed

Just before the Core i7 and Core i5 mobile models are officially announced, data from new models show us (supposedly) the graphics performance of the new generation from - and they look absolutely promising

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We already know that the launch of the first generation 14 nanometer models (Outside the sub-family Core M) Is just around the corner, And we already know pretty much all the features that are expected to offer us these products. The key question left to us, then, concerns the most important matter - how all these "dry" data are interpreted for real-world performance.

Now, we seem to be getting a first small answer to this burning issue. A fresh result that appeared in the 3DMark Vantage performance test database Presents the apparent performance of Microsoft Outlook God- the new i7-5500U, and especially the new HD Graphics 5500 core that is built into it.

Core i7-5500U is Dual Core supports HyperThreading with a thermal envelope of 15 watts which is designed to replace the X- i7-4500U and Current i7-4510U with a basic working frequency of 2.4GHz that reaches up to 3GHz in turbo mode for Single or up to 2.9GHz maximum turbo mode for both cores. Its built-in graphics core is the HD Graphics 5500 sample (classified as GT2 by Intel's internal method) and includes 24 EU processing units operating at frequencies between 300MHz and 950MHz - compared to the HD Graphics 4400 core (the XX GT2 generation) Operating frequencies between 20MHz and 200MHz.



So what do the results look like? God- i7-5500U came to a general score of 5,124 points in the performance test, i7-4510U and i7-4500U result in only 3,800-3,900 points in the same test. This is a massive improvement of approximately 30 in the score, and although it is not necessarily possible to conclude that the Broadwell model offers good performance in 30, Comprehensive and absolute parallel - this is a very impressive annexation.

Whether after the disappointments (relativity) brought with it by the 22 nanometer age when it comes to improvements , Will the new one succeed in providing a significant leap forward? Very soon we will know the answer, at least in part.

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