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The Roots of the Revolution Samsung and Huawei are offering compact SSDs of 32 terabytes

: After the breaking record of , Two actresses are quick to raise the bar to an even higher level using huge volumes in a minimal 2.5-inch configuration

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Shortly after it unveiled its fourth generation of chips in its fourth dimension and shortly after Seagate excited us With an 3.5-inch 60-TB drive - We get a pair of amazing new exposures from both Samsung and Chinese, of modest 2.5-inch drives that are capable of storing a gigantic amount of information about 32 terabytes.

Without providing extra superlatives - it's about doubling the maximum volume we know today in the 2.5 inch drives, which was also Thanks to Samsung and its PM1633a drive And stands at approximately 15.3 terabytes. Samsung's fourth generation V-NAND chips Are capable of holding up to one terabyte of storage in a single package. When combined with two printed circuits loaded with 16, each enclosure provides an 15-thick drive And in the volume in question.

Small - but actually huge
Because the physical volume of the 3.5 inch drives is almost three times the volume of these 2.5 inch drives - the achievement of And Huawei's is actually even more impressive than that of the , In terms of the amount of information compressed into a given physical area

Huawei, for its part, declares that it has been able to reach 2.5-inch 15-millimeter and 32-terabyte volume based on chips "Standard" planar type of unknown - and for him this is a real black magic, given that the most advanced planar chips that we sell can only contain 256 gigabytes of volume , So that the possibilities are that, Find some way to multiply the number of layers that have been compressed into each case on the printed board or are based on some innovative production technology that allows us to reach volume densities that we have yet to encounter. Either way, it will be very interesting to find out more about the Chinese giant's drive.

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What is hiding inside? Only in Know for sure.

Both drives The newcomers will target the information server market exclusively with dual SAS connectors, prices that will undoubtedly be tens of thousands of dollars and also a thickness that is twice that of the home market. It is not yet known when the drives will be available for purchase in a practical way, but we would not be surprised if it only happens over the next year - and yet this is great news for all the hardware enthusiasts who are bringing us closer to the volume More and more crowded in every category and in any market application: After all, the desire to enjoy the healthy profits in the world of advanced servers is the one that helps to invest the huge sums required to continue to promote the necessary production and development technologies.

Yes, this small thing has a volume larger than three of the most advanced mechanical hard drives that exist
Yes, this small thing has a volume greater than three Of the most advanced mechanics


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  2. Too bad it is SAS and not SATA .. but it is quite simple to manufacture with a SATA connector instead. I think the cattle remain the same cattle.

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