SanDisk and Western Digital products, just today at Amazon

Drives At very low prices, expansion cards and more surprises are waiting for you now in the huge online store

A variety of popular SanDisk brand products (and not only) from home Is again credited with a temporary cut in the Deal of the Day campaign in the American Amazon - only until Thursday morning, so do not miss the opportunity to renew cheaply.

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SSD Plus is up-to-date and in one terabyte Offered at the lowest price we have seen to date in any place - 125.52 USD including VAT and direct delivery to the house, only NIS 455 or NIS 45 per gigabyte of .

is also 3 Ultra SSNUMXD SSD drive Available at an almost unprecedented price - 270.88 USD includes shipping and VAT, which is approximately NIS 1NUMX.

Those interested in a hardened external SSD can choose Extreme Portable 2 terabyte For 360.1 USD, or NIS 1,305.

One of the The best exterior around - at a price that is expensive but fair in relation to the massive volume inside

External Drive SSD G-Drive Sold at a final price of 206.27 USD, which are 750 shekels.

Want external mechanical hard drives? Also available: Western Digital Elements Model 3 Terabyte And a compact 2.5 product is available below the VAT exemption limit - $ 78.56 including the extra shipping, or 290.

Larger 3.5-inch Element drives are also available at surprising prices: Volume of 6 terabytes Can be yours at 134.96 dollars, Volume of 8 terabytes Ascending 181.58 USD (660 SHEKELS) ANDVolume of 10 terabytes Ascending 204.98 USD (745 SHEKELS).

256GB USB drives are available at the price of 41.54 dollars To the ultra-small version of Fit, And at the price of 47.81 dollars (NIS 175) Dual Drive model It has a Type-A connector and a Type-C connector.

There are also more modest volume models of 64GB and 128GB at prices Which should be combined with other products without crossing the VAT exemption threshold

SanDisk Ultra microSD card with volume of 200GB, Compatible with A1 App Performance, is offered at the price of 36.32 USD - 135.

400GB Ultra Dual Series microSD card Is an equally impressive deal - 69.68 dollars, or 255 shekels.

Extreme Pro Series SD Card With a maximum speed of 95 megabytes per second and volume 128GB sold at a final cost of 39.49 dollars, or 145 shekels.

256GB Extreme Series microSD card with A2 App Performance compatibility and maximum 160 speed per second, Available with USB adapter For 71.03 dollars, which is 260 shekels.

Buying the mini expansion card together with an adapter can be a particularly effective deal if you do not yet have a similar product in your possession

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