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Cheapest to date: 4 Terabyte External Hard Drive at no VAT

Original article: Mechanical drive of a company Available for purchase for less than NIS 300 - and hurry before inventory is hijacked

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In the Prime Days promotions of A few weeks ago we saw 4 Terabytes initially scrapped the Israeli VAT exemption threshold for online purchases, or 75 dollars in other words, and we were convinced that it would be some time before we could experience such impressive price levels again - but now Amazon seems to be surprised at its prices as well For no particular reason.

Silvergate Backup Plus, a compact, compact mechanical hard drive of 4 terabytes and compatibility for both PC-based And for MacOS-based computers, right now the US Amazon is offered at a base price of only 72 dollars - or only 81.07 dollars including home delivery, which is worth NIS 285. Exteriors of this volume are sold in Israel at NISX and above, so that's almost half the price here.

Designed and handsome drive - very impressive in terms of price tag

We don't know how long the drive inventory will be available for this great deal - and so we encourage you to act quickly and order one before the opportunity disappears. Successful shopping!

Additional details and purchase:

4 terabytes hard drive at the best price to date

Seagate External Mechanical Drive Backup Plus Series for both Windows and MacOS PCs has dropped below the Israeli VAT payment threshold - making it extremely lucrative

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285 ש"ח

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updating: The price of the offer has disappeared for a while and has come back - now there seems to be an available inventory of the drives that you can quickly grab.

2 Update: Inventory then and the price went up, and we hope you were able to get yourself a drive (or two) before it happened. Keep following us for more cool networking deals.

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