• The cheapest Alienware on its way to HWzone stores
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The cheapest Alienware mobile is on its way to the stores

The new Dell compact and lightweight m15 laptop will win a version with a processor quad core i5, which will allow it to be slightly more accessible than any other gaming brand

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It took quite a while, but eventually Dell joined the emerging gaming gaming trend and introduced a thinner and more designed version of its popular Alienware line - the m15, to be offered alongside Alienware 15 standard Equipped with a trimmed frame around the display panel, 21 millimeters thick and less than 2.2 pounds. This is not the easiest product in the category of course - but compared to the weight of 3.5 kilograms (!) And the thickness of more than 25 millimeters that Del has recently offered, this is a significant improvement in all opinions.

Dell offers the Alienware m15 With an 1080p IPS screen at a refresh rate of 60 Hz or 144 Hz and top-end 4K resolution with GeForce GTX 1060 graphics cards with a built-in color backlit keyboard, a Thunderbolt 3 connector and a dedicated connector for external graphics card enclosures and a processor -Core i7-8750H hexagon from Coffee Lake's section . The starting price - 1,380 dollars, which probably won't suit everyone.

Dell's new creation (right) is more like the company's 13 inches than 15 R4 Massive (left)

To our delight, Frank Area now in charge of Dell's Alienware and XPS brands confirms that a m15 discount model will also be offered towards the beginning of next year - to replace God- i7 chip i5 square-up (probably the- i5-8400H), without giving up the GTX 1060 graphics card that does pretty well with fullHD gaming in most games.

The m15 has been praised as one of Dell's most successful models

We do not know what further compromises Dell may make in this new future model, but rather a replacement Processing should allow for a reduction of about $ 150 in the price tag without affecting the performance levels too radically. the mother At a price of less than $ 1,250 dollars might make it suitable for a much larger target audience, even here in Israel? We'll see.

Models Not particularly popular in our local market - maybe more modest prices will help change that?

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