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Chrome OS system, now on tablets too

The appearance of the first device of its kind that runs the Google cloud-based operating system may be the last nail in the coffin of the To this field

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It has been quite a long time since we last met an impressive tablet based on the Android system, and it is not certain that something like this will happen sometime in the future. The invasion of Windows-based tablets to the low price levels previously reserved for the home system And the lack of truly appropriate software and application support on the big screens has turned the whole concept into old news - and now it is possible that even Itself begins with steps designed to eliminate the platform, and provide it with more effective and competitive continuity through its second operating system, BONE.

In the framework of a wave of announcements about new Chromebooks, cheaper and less but also more varied than ever before, Which runs the OS, for the first time without a keyboard attached to it.

The tweet itself has already been deleted - but the network remembers everything

The device’s visibility was premature, it seems, because the tweet in the official account was soon deleted - but testimony and a photo remained online of course, with various sources estimating that this tablet will be marketed under the Icer brand of Icer, as a cheap and tough product designed for school students In low grades, first and foremost. We do not have official and verified technical details, but it is estimated that the tablet will be offered together with a dedicated touch pen and will be based on a processing chip from Rockchip, in architecture .

See you for Android? It is still too early to say so

In an era where most modern Chrome OSs come with Play Store support and the ability to run most Android apps as an integral part of the system - the benefits of tablet-based use Indeed it was almost completely erased, and it was time to declare a proper heir for them. Agree - or still don't see in A real replacement for other older and more prevalent operating systems? Let's talk about it in comments, just before this new trend takes off.

Already there are quite a few chromobots that can function in line For all intents and purposes - but surely a leap into the market of "Real" will be an interesting development, in terms of price and platform flexibility

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