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The Delidding is still alive and kicking

Despite the transition to the use of high-quality welding between the processing chip and the new generation protective cover - The process of separating and replacing the material independently may improve the resulting thermal performance

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One of the major news releases for the ninth generation Core processors Except for the transition to eight processing cores in the two upper models, of course, was the decision to reuse the thermal soldering between The heat sink cover processor that protects it - for the first time since the era of Somewhere in 2010. Replacing a standard thermal ointment with a dedicated solder is designed to significantly improve the heat and uniformity of the billions of transistors on the chip to its shield and from there to the heat sink to be assembled - with a difference that may also reach 20 degrees Celsius between working methods.

The various reviews for the i9-9900K and The i7-9700K fresh ore documented relatively high operating temperatures, and it is quickly discovered that despite the use of upgraded soldering, there is still a big potential benefit to Delidding operations - separating the processor's metal cover from the chip substrate, cleaning the existing material under it and replacing it with high-quality thermal oil ).

We thought that going beyond a thermal war would raise the need for new-generation chips - but it turned out to be only partially true

The famous Der8auer fast-track, also known as one of the largest Delidding experts, released a video documenting a process that passed both the Core i9-9900K processor and the hexagonal Core i5-9600K processor - and at maximum temperatures dropped to nine times over On average for all cores and over time) compared to the condition received straight from the factory of .

The Delidding operation has become more challenging due to the use of solder and the need to clean up its residue, with the demand for maximum delicacy from the operation in order to avoid possible damage to the chip, but it appears to have significant value to improve heat conduction - and especially to increase the potential on the road to extreme speeds, whether through water and air coolers. Traditional 'or liquid nitrogen and helium which usually require the removal of the chip cover anyway.

The transition from a simple anointing to a more advanced war is positive - but here too there is still little room for improvement and improvement for future generations (assuming Intel will not change its mind again).

Another surprising discovery in the Delidding case is that the new models include a significantly thicker-legged printed circuit board, which adds mechanical strength and should ensure that no curvature problems appear to be under particularly massive cooling ends - but the chip itself has become more recent with respect to the generation. Core eighth, which harms the efficiency, the heat from the components goes to the heat sink. Der8auer proved this in practice when Schiff (!) About twenty percent of the coating God- i5-9600K, thus achieving an additional reduction of about five degrees Celsius on average, to a benefit of more than 13 degrees compared to the initial state.

Not only can Delidding significantly help with heating - but even more advanced operations that reduce the chip's silicon substrate to the minimum possible level

Improved thermal performance with Delidding in new generation processors has been verified Also by, Although it is reasonable to assume that the vast majority of consumers will prefer to do without it and settle for what Intel does anyway. However, there is evidence here that both extreme performance and hardware enthusiasts and Intel itself have more to strive for in terms of cooling and thermal conductivity, Multi-core processors both in the popular market and in the HEDT universe of extreme performance.

More results comparing the processor i9-9900K A standard processor that has undergone a successful Delidding operation on behalf of

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