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Corsair's advanced DDR4 memories - for surprisingly good prices

Looking for Agile with illumination Built-in? These operations in the American Amazon and the British Amazon are for you

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Amazon shopping may be particularly lucrative these days, with the Israeli shekel being in a historic stance against other prominent foreign currencies - and now you have a great opportunity to take advantage of this situation.

Amazon USA has sold a set of Vengeance RGB Pro memories from a company , In total 16GB volume (8GB volume per module), base rate of 3,000MHz and CL15 timings at a base price of 94 dollars, or 119.24 dollars including VAT and shipping to the country - ie about 425 NIS all-inclusive, compared to 480 prices And more for the same set of stores in Israel.

Prices have not yet fallen below the Israeli VAT exemption threshold - but they are very competitive nonetheless

There are memories 16GB volume is much cheaper, as we've shown you on a large number of occasions before - but if you're not ready to compromise on performance, brand reputation and overall design A nice, conspicuous color that can be planned and synchronized with other components of the system is definitely a great offer for you.

For more details and purchase:

Corsair DDR4 with built-in color illumination

A pair of ultra-high-quality VGNeNGX Vengeance RGB Pro in 4GB, including 16MHz base speed and CL3,000 timings available at great price

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425 ש"ח

Those interested can also find 16GB Vengeance RGB Pro at 2,933MHz base and CL16 At the price of 114.7 dollars (NIS 410) - and16GB Vengeance RGB Pro pair at 2,666MHz with CL16 timings At the price of 92.93 British Pound (NIS 405), for subscription holders Which reduces shipping costs) at Amazon UK.

You can find Newegg's online store Vengeance RGB Pro with 16GB with ultra high base speed of 3,600MHz, as well as CL18 timings, At a final price of NIS 521 including VAT and home delivery.

Finally, 32GB double volume set (16GB per module) from the same Corsair series with 3,000MHz speed and CL15 timings It will cost you 208.3 dollars including VAT and shipping, which are worth NIS 740 compared to NIS 840 or higher in the country.

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