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Microsoft Orders Department: Time for the comeback of Surface?

Have you missed? A Microsoft launch event next month is expected to give us devices New products

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More than a year has passed since we received new Surface Pro devices - and if you are optimistic you have reason to believe that this wait for new premium models Is about to end in a little less than a month, as part of an October 2 event that asks for only one moment of our time and attention.

The orders issued by the Windows system to the various media representatives do not officially mention the Surface brand, but many seem convinced that the event will provide us with at least one of the company's successful computers, and perhaps even more - the Surface Pro models will earn a lot From the jump to using U-core quad-core processors from the current Whiskey Lake or even the "-R, as well as Laptop computers that were launched alongside them, Home Studio are crying out for a material upgrade in the framework of their huge price tags.

The big announcements season continues - and Microsoft joins the race to a dark side, And others

The slogan "A moment of your time" may be a clue to a program to launch a smart watch, or a similar wearable smart device, plus updated Surface models - but what almost certainly will not appear in this event is any information about God- Which has been rumored about for several years now, but at the same time it is estimated that dissatisfaction with the product has brought him back to the drawing table.

Most computers of You must receive a technical update as soon as possible

The latest Microsoft hardware launch occurred just two months ago with the affordable Surface Go tablet, which offered a dedicated dual core processor , editorial board 10 control, memory Of 4GB and volume Of 64GB at a pretty good starting price of $ 400 - and we really would not mind seeing the company take further steps towards the popular market.

Is it possible to dream about budget versions of the Laptop or In the upcoming event, Go (pictured)?

We will continue to monitor developments in the sector - and of course we will keep you updated on all the most juicy details.

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