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Absolute Madness: The EVGA has managed to run the GeForce GTX 1080 Ti at an unbelievable frequency

Did you think the speed of the 2 GHz is almost imaginary for video cards? Think again that the American manufacturer is setting a new standard for extreme speeding

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One of the reasons why we are so impressed with the brand new flagship brand Is its ability to reach huge working frequencies, even based on relatively standard radiations, which add to it more potential Beyond that, the highs with which he already comes by default from the factory. Up to a year and a half ago, over-gigahertz frequencies for graphical cores were fantasy, and this is now the new norm in the entire market - so what can you say Big and powerful that can tick down a running frequency of 2 GHz in many of its configurations?

It was clear to everyone that the GTX-1080 Ti has a very large potential, but it is doubtful whether even the in- Herself imagined that he could reach the amazing levels he was able to reach the famous K | ngp | n overklocker - who used a card from a company (With which he has been actively collaborating for several years) and exotic liquid nitrogen cooling to achieve a legendary operating frequency of 3,024 MHz or 3.024 GHz, which sounds more like something from the world of CPU processors than anything that might make sense For the GPU domain.

Yes, this is an almost 100 percent improvement in the frequency of the most advanced home graphics product on the market

This achievement breaks a world record in frequency for a video card, in fact, with the addition of about 12 megahertz compared to the GeForce GTX 1060 sample card that reached 3,012 megahertz frequency a few months ago - when there is no argument that the current achievement is much more impressive, Because the core of the GTX 1080 Ti contains almost 3 times more processing and transistors than what exists in the GTX 1060. If that's not enough, K | ngp | n performed It is also easy to remember the GDDR5X memory built into the card as part of the process, bringing them to an effective speed of just over 12,000MT / s, which helped the overall bandwidth break the 500 gigabyte-per-second barrier.

Still not impressed? It may be worth noting that the rush was done on the Founder's Edition "simple" card, rather than one of the custom versions of the various partner manufacturers, which often consist of more high-quality cores named in the rigorous processes of the chipmaking world - so we may have the potential to see even more highs breaking and even higher frequencies In the not too distant future, when more GTX 1080 Ti 'super models' are coming to market.

She promised us mountains and hills with the model announcement - and it does

The huge frequency was not stable enough to run performance tests, much like most extreme LN2-based accelerations, but it is time to note that K | ingp | n ran the popular 3DMark Time Spy with the same GTX 1080 Ti, 2,481 MHz, and achieved a record score of 13,291 points, Which has become a new world record for a single graphics card, Which improves more than 700 points the previous record set by the Titan X card .

In 3GHz it is not yet possible to run tests , For now, but it does not prevent breaking performance records

Bottom line, over the next few months, it seems likely that almost all world records in rushing and performance in the various tests will include the new star of the Santa Monica chip developer - at least until we get to see the competitor's Vega 10 models , Which will probably be the one and only chance to break this hegemony, before the advent of next-generation architectures with improved production processes.

What other surprises can we get from this card as soon as all of its enhanced and enhanced models arrive? You can just try to imagine it


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  1. Enough with the nonsense of "exotic liquid nitrogen cooling"
    I mean nothing to the consumer
    Gives nothing to the consumer
    More about nothing!

    Stop wasting power translating articles on anything

    1. Right!
      None of our friends hold a liquid nitrogen tank .. alongside the computer while playing or during work requesting performance ..
      These tests are of no use to anything beyond the "degree" it gives ..

      In other words, completely unnecessary.

  2. Quote of Michael Biniashvili

    Right! None of our members holds a liquid nitrogen tank .. next to the computer while playing or at the time of work that you are seeking Performence.. These tests, are of no use to anything beyond the "degree" it gives .. In other words, completely unnecessary.

    Worse not only not beneficial

    Harmlessly, these peaks for a few seconds in total with boards that won't hold any such speed over time.
    Not to mention that the cost of electricity is crazy
    Crazy gas costs
    Even those who try liquid gas only in authorized rooms and no unauthorized persons are allowed to enter such a gas environment.

    Through the back financing of such experiments by manufacturers of boards or video cards

    1. Last paragraph - exactly, it makes the card maker, or the processor a lot of buzz ..
      So it's no wonder that the whole purpose is financial to them, the buzz exists, customers who don't understand rush to buy, as if they will achieve these "results" themselves at home.
      Needless, well beyond gimmick ..

  3. Quote of Michael Biniashvili

    Last paragraph - Exactly, it makes the card maker, or the processor very buzz .. So no wonder the whole purpose is financial for them, the buzz exists, customers who don't understand fuss are running to buy, as if they will achieve these "results" themselves.

    That's the problem dumb people.

    Instead of the site warning and explaining "Exotic liquid nitrogen cooling" is a bullshit
    Which has nothing to do with reality

    You jump on the bullshit of the rush and don't warn kids
    That's bullshit

    After this stores I see children looking for liquid nitrogen, who have no idea what it is or money to tool for it.

    Bring cooler water or air that can be seen as the normal rush anyone can do at home

    It's a pity that your translation time for the article does not contribute anything.

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