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The computer-on-the-USB drive of Intel comes to the shops, hijacked as hot cakes

A few months after Chipizilla officially announced the PC, The tiny and impressive it lands in online stores - at discounted prices that help inventory disappear in less than a day

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Remember the exciting launch of Intel at the CES at the beginning of the year, of a laptop based on a portable Bay Trail, which can run a full-fledged Windows system with all its capabilities and features And comes in a size that does not exceed that of an average USB storage drive? Well, them Compute Stick computers Have finally landed in major network stores such as Amazon and-Newegg When they hold a price tag of 150 dollars to a version for 8.1 and 110 dollars for the more basic Linux version - and they were all sold with impressive agility.


Nice to meet - Intel Compute Stick

  • Operating System: 8.1 With Bing (Windows Version) / None (Linux version)
  • Chip: Atom Z3735F Quadron cores Silvermont base frequency of 1.33GHz and maximum frequency of 1.83GHz, built-in graphics core HD Graphics With four performance units (EU) at a base frequency of 310MHz and a maximum turbo frequency of 646MHz
  • RAM: 2 GB DDR3L (Windows version) / 1GB DDR3L (Linux version)
  • Internal storage: 32 GB based on eMMC (Windows version) / eight gigabytes based on eMMC (Linux version)
  • Connections: HDMI 1.4a full size, 2.0 full size, micro 2.0 for power supply, slot To expand storage
  • Wireless connectivity: In 802.11b / g / n standards and 4.0
  • Dimensions: 9.8 * 38 * 110.9 millimeters
  • Price: 150 dollars (Windows version) or 110 dollars (Linux version)


The fact that Intel PCs disappeared from inventory does not necessarily indicate a huge commercial success, since we do not know the quantities that came to the store in the first place - but it does indicate a considerable interest in such products, which actually take advantage of technological developments Contemporary to allow each of us to walk around with a full Windows (or Linux) pocket. We very much hope that Intel will be persuaded to continue developing the category, which could earn a significant leap With the adoption of the 3.1 USB standard (Which supports power transmission up to 100 watts and gives access to more powerful hardware on such computers) and with the arrival of Cherry Trail chips generation Which should allow an upgraded user experience at the same cost and power consumption. Who knows - maybe down the road the Compute Stick will become a real brand, Much like the compact NUCs And all their derivatives.

If you are interested in your own Compute Stick and do not want to wait, it is unclear how much to replenish Intel's inventory across the network - you might be happy to find out That the network was full of parallel Chinese manufacturers, Most of them with the same hardware seemingly completely, Prices are slightly shorter, and some even offer the same look as the "original" home product , Including the company logo. However, it is quite clear why a large proportion of customers would prefer to pay a few dozen dollars more for a product that comes from Intel officially, instead of a product that comes from where they have never met.

Do PCs-on-a-drive with the future PC market, or just a toy that will not really have the ability to offer Worthy of the general public? You are invited to tell us what you think about the reactions.

The new atom chip generation will take the Compute Stick to the mainstream computing market?
The new atom chip generation will take the Into the mainstream computing market?


8 תגובות

  1. Almost 100 percent sure not. Haswell and Mela basically support 4K Output, and even then I doubt it supports hardware acceleration for such content, especially not HEVC, but for FHD it will do the job well.

  2. Can it be used as a kind of streamer?
    I am constantly tired of copying movies to CD and watching TV.

  3. Basically, it can do it all, running a full Windows 8.1 (in the "Bing" version which makes the license free for Intel), a sealed processor a bit weak but there is a hardware acceleration to the video up to 1080p, so if wireless network performance allows no reason to fail Movies and series and play them without problem.

  4. I am working with Hotbox 2, hope this is enough.
    In the meantime, I noticed that Intel's stick out of nowhere is really gone, the Chinese "caught" a wave and the price they demand
    Not far from the original.

  5. When I saw this news, I really decided to check what the Chinese were doing with this hardware.
    Indeed, in line with my expectations, I found a crazy product:
    This tablet is simply amazing for its price.
    Doel Bot Android and Windows, good performance. Lightweight, battery powered, and can be connected to HDMI and USB hub and turned into a full computer.
    This is all for the price of 360 chess… crazy in my opinion.
    I personally don't use it, but it's so cheap that it's tempting.

  6. The USB 2.0 is a deal breaker for me.
    All my purpose on such a computer is to connect to an external hard disk 4TB (for download purposes) and for this it needs and requires USB 3.0

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