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The computer site celebrates a decade!

Hello site surfers,
In September 2001 was established HWzone, The Israeli hardware and computer site, to serve as a warm home for technology and computer enthusiasts in Israel who only sought one common roof in which they could share their affection for the world of hardware and computers. The site coordinated all hardware related issues in the form of up-to-date news information and reviews of various consumer products. The site is dedicated to raising the awareness of computers in Israel and making the Israeli user more intelligent and aware.
Proper management and development of the field of computerization in Israel led to the site, within a few months of its establishment, to gain amazing momentum and popularity among surfers, and today visitors to the site thousands of users, which use it as a source of information and reliable guide.
Congratulations, we are the sons of 10!
This month we mark 10 years of extensive activity, during which we have been able to make a great effort to become the largest hardware and computer site in Israel, mainly thanks to you, the surfers, the young or the old.
In honor of our tenth birthday, we decided to sum up the last decade technologically and remind those who have been with us in the field and share the magical period with the surfers who did not have a part of it at the time. During the month, a large number of articles were published by members of the site's team, summarizing different and interesting technological fields.
We would like to take this opportunity to express our appreciation to all members of the team who took an active part in its operation over the years - success and credit are yours.
Marked 10 years to locate, we have no intention of slowing down - the opposite is true. We are constantly searching for interesting, exciting and new things to write about. We hope that for you 10 has also included many surprises and reality that has surpassed all imagination in the field of technology and computers, and hope you will also stay with us at 10 for the next few years, at least.

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  1. Congratulations
    Well done. Another milestone in the culture of gusts in the country.
    The beginning was Zumbit

  2. Congratulations ! ! Up to 1200?
    Congratulations ! ! ! Really a great site, contributing a lot and not just in the field of computers! Hope to stay active for loads of time and join new members to the forum !!

  3. Waaaaaa
    I'm here from 2008
    Only on 2010 did I sign up
    I must say how much I learned from you
    There is an amazing team here that helps just about everything
    Highly professional articles
    There are simply no words
    Whoever came in couldn't get out
    I'll be here for another 10 years.
    Good luck :)

  4. Cololulolo…
    Congratulations, wish you continue to grow and give us readers knowledge and awareness.

    I remember coming here through a computer specifications search (and you have a testimonial page) ... I didn't attach much importance to the site itself, but from time to time I would go into the forum, mainly for computer specifications for friends and the rest and then ... It hit me, over the last two years I read almost every article you uploaded ( I didn't miss much) ... Keep doing this, keep up the humor, from time to time you will need to improve in professionalism (but I have long been forgiven) (-;

  5. Congratulations
    Since people like you !!!

    It is only thanks to this site that I am starting a year and a half of university hardware engineering studies !!
    Thanks for all your help content and investment information!

  6. Excellent and interesting site
    There are really users here with a lot of knowledge on computers that have often helped me solve problems on my computer.
    And also interesting articles that have contributed to me further informing in the field of computers.

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