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The cooling for processors that surprised us big time - Snowman M-T6

A series of cool-season snowman accepts sympathy across the web for a particularly low price-to-value ratio - so be sure to get one to tell you if this buzz is justified

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The Israeli consumer has learned in recent years that there are quite a few products he can order at a very low cost from China, mainly through sites like From the Alibaba group. The Chinese market's ability to produce many products of sufficient quality has peaked in recent times as more and more substitutes for electronics can be purchased at a fair price and provide acceptable quality.

My body is also the center of the strait For processors, video cards and electronics in general, the Chinese also know how to engineer fixtures Such. Recently, with the proliferation of PCs for gaming needs in the East (China and India mainly), interesting brands and products are born that sometimes make us question the prices we pay for certain products here in the Western market.

Coolers that answer the name "Snowman" have recently been very popular. These coolers are built in a very traditional way known to us mainly from designs by companies like CoolerMaster and its 212 series. Differences between different models can also be found according to the number of copper tubes in the cooling base.

We decided to pull the trigger And order the most advanced one on the list… At a total price of only $ 22.5. This is a total price of NIS 80 for a body With two 120 mm fans and six copper pipes. Okay, obviously we don't know Things can still only look good in the field. The name - Snowman M-T6, named for its six copper pipes.

All the stars aligned And in just one week, Shipped via ePacket - the package has arrived. The cooler box looks pretty battered, but that's not surprising given that they pack it in a plastic bag. Inside the packaging there are sponges, and fortunately we did not see any physical damage to the actual level of cooling.

As promised, the heat sink arrived when two 120-mm fans bearing the general name "Snowman" were anchored to it. The body comes when it already includes a docking for it The variance includes Relatively new, this is how we get "Plug and Play" with the product of the popular bracket of recent times ambitious.

One of my concerns is that the bottom of the cooling will be of particularly poor quality. I was pleasantly surprised. Admittedly, this is not the smoothest surface I have seen at the bottom - But the quality is very respectable. There are no differences in height between the various tubes, and apart from their very small grooves, the surface is remarkably flat.

There is also a docking kit for the bracket The variance such as LGA115X, LGA775 and even LGA1366 is old. Importantly, the packaging does not include thermal ointment, Therefore it is advisable to equip one.

My dream of testing the cooling in front of others on the LGA1151 with the Core i9 9900K processor was shattered pretty quickly, as the old-fashioned docking kit didn't fit our Z390 Aorus Pro. Cooling cannot be docked when the M.2 bracket interrupts on one side and the power coils on the other. Intel's advanced motherboard compatibility with this cooling - pretty bad. This leaves us with fairly good compatibility toSo that's where we went.

It is also important to note that the two fans that come with the Snowman T6 we ordered connect with a single 4PIN connector on PWM-controlled, so they cannot be easily split.

I decided that, given its low price, there is a reason here - whether such cheap cooling is a major upgrade over the default cooling of With a 3700X processor? The Wraith Prism is considered to be the most advanced "Stoke" cooling we've seen with Desktops, and receive one in a pack of 7-core Ryzen 3700 8X. At a nominal price of 80 shekels, the Snowman T6 is a worthy alternative for those who are unwilling to invest a lot of money when they already have it Suitable for CPU.

We first looked at Wraith Prism with the- 7 3700X - The exam was done with the thermal ointment that comes along with the cooler in the box, quite an initial installation. For effort tests, let the processor generate heat under Aida64 at maximum effort for one full hour.

The heat sink noise we normalize to estimate the heat sink efficiency as a unit. We used a decibel meter and aimed for 37.0 decibels 25 inches from the heat sink. The thermal ointment we used with the Snowman is the MX-4's . The room temperature at test is 20 ° C, and there are no additional fans in the vicinity of the heat sinks.

In the effort test, we gave the refrigerators thirty minutes to absorb the heat of the processor before we started taking measurements. The noise level we decided on is not arbitrary, but one where the heat sinks from the test system can be heard enough, but it is quite stringent for the Prism of .

Unpopular opinion - I don't think Wraith Prism is Which is suitable for anyone who buys a 3700X processor and does not need advanced cooling on the third, because the impression is created that it is a particularly advanced cooling that is useless to replace. The Prism is Quite noisy, with a pretty awful fan pattern, especially on Asus motherboards where there's less freedom to tune the fan than mite boards For example, and at a certain temperature, it simply loses it and becomes a real noise.

The operating temperatures used in the Prism with the 3700 X are acceptable, but for them to be made a lot of noise and rapidly changing tones, which is much more annoying to the ear than gradual noise. When normalizing the noise level, I think our exam results tell a lot about the difference between body High-quality and capable Prism. If you tell Prism "I want to!" And allowing it to work only at a low noise level, it just chokes, the graph clearly shows it.

The Snowman M-T6 is the kind of product we sometimes just need to gamble with, and betting for NIS 80 is definitely taken here with his order. The surprise is very pleasant. It's a body Built like those of the big companies, minus a few small finches. The risk is relatively low and the profit is quite high.

I don't think we've seen such great value for such a long time product, NIS 80 for a body Having six copper pipes and two reasonably good quality fans (there are things only time will tell) is a great "investment" for us.

Best value for money - For the Snowman M-T6 processor

Somewhere, I have to admit that it's a little hard to get back to a routine where cooler ones are less impressive, and significantly more expensive than the Snowman M-T6 are commonplace. Yes there are things that get the same more expensive coolers, such as high-reputation fans, docking kits that will fit all the intended motherboards and a higher finish level.

The Snowman M-T6 manages to eat the cake and leave it intact, with one piece being hardware geeks that just want An advanced one that has them as a utility, and the other is a completely legitimate upgrade to those who use default coolers and want something more than minimal, want something truly worthwhile with ability Advanced and cheap.

Must add that we were completely surprised that the package took only one week to arrive from China, especially during such a period and through postal service in particular. Hope you guys have the good fortune to visit us too.

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  1. Who did you have to bribe for the package to arrive in a week? I am still waiting for packages ordered on 11.11, and some also in ePacket shipping.

    Regarding the review, very interesting!
    It will also be interesting to hear about AIO cooling, I have seen that there are some on Aliaxpress as well.

  2. Thanks for the review and definitely impressive cooling. It is interesting to see it in the face of more powerful noctua cooling.

    guy950 understands to your heart, my packages haven't arrived yet. Usually I already ask for a refund at this point but I am aware that Israel Post can be unusually slow so I am still waiting.

  3. Habiram, thanks for the review. Don't understand how to give the fan the "best value" character if tested against a single fan. Maybe there is a manufacturer called AlumShem whose products are just as good?
    For my taste - "good value for money" - this is a suitable character. But this "best" goal is a little exaggerated. I was not convinced :-)

  4. Nice coverage.
    I ordered the version with the 4 tubes (less than NIS 50).
    He checked the 2 models and said there was almost no difference between them. I guess it's because the body itself is the same body so 2 more pipes don't add much.

  5. Thanks so much Lior! Excellent review and useful writer.
    I remember last year when the snowman brand just started selling in Baranja, doing an interesting article and review about it yes tech city.
    I highly recommended shining our hands to purchase, and he bought some and was also very impressed. Later they released the enhanced model with 6 copper tubes and it also received praise. I am very happy that you took the initiative and brought our own blue and white review, because I believe this is one of the products on the opening list that every computer enthusiast must know. A divorced product that does a great job for all the applications you have registered. Also lets eat the cake and leave it whole which is rare. Today, the majority buys Risen anyway, and the Risen processors series, all it needs is to lend it this cool, costly divorce to flourish and really work quiet and cold. Here you have shown and even proven to us how dramatic this gap was compared to the dipole cooling seam that comes in the packaging. Wisely growing, the fleet has to shatter Risen's delicate cooling illusion, which is something the majority was unaware of. And that's important. So thanks again, you have chosen the right product to invest your time in.
    Bless you

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