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The Core i7-7700K processor may offer unprecedented working frequencies

The Kaby Lake generation desktop desktop processor We offer early purchase in Europe, which reveals some interesting and promising details about it

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When Intel Unveiled The Kaby Lake Generation Officially, a month ago, it focused on the cost-effective mobile models that will be the first to go to stores and commercial products - but in the same breath has provided us with general technical details about this new generation, ending the company's Tick-Tock tactic, such as greater maturity of the Production process in Which allows the processors to be separated to more varied levels of working frequencies and enhanced speedshift capability, which allows to switch between different turbo frequencies with great agility, depending on the need and the thermal position at any moment.

These new features (and others) have caused Intel to introduce Kaby Lake a bullet manufactured in the "14 Plus" process, and it now appears that this improvement will be felt in both mobile and stationary - according to an Estonia online store Which has already begun to offer The model The i7-7700K desktop is quad-core for early sale, and confirms a basic working frequency of not less than 4.2 GHz along with the 4.5 GHz turbo frequency. Increase of 200 MHz and 300 MHz respectively compared to i7-6700K, Which we now know.

Let us hope that these details are accurate
Let us hope that these details are accurate

Assuming that this data is true - it will be the processor with the highest base frequency Has offered an excellent market since then, and is a significant contender for the title of the highest frequency consumer processor on the market in general.

The first Kaby Lake desktop processors, The i7-7700K will probably be the most prominent and leading market in the first quarter of 2017, but there are those who do not want to wait until then - the same Estonian shop allows the purchase of the model at a price of about 360 euros including tax, which may To indicate that the recommended prices will be very similar and even the same as the current generation (the i7-6700K should be priced at $ 350, no taxes), similar to the trend seen in mobile processors.

What works for the mobile market - should work equally well for the stationary market
What works for the mobile market - Should work just as well for the stationary market

The new generation of Sounds a lot of potential, and now it is left to wonder whether these impressive workflows from the plant will also be translated into a beautiful potential (perhaps we can finally reach the 5 GHz easily based on Air), or simply be an exhaustion of existing built-in capabilities and will test the advanced user's ability to accelerate hardware beyond their standard base. We'll get the answers in a few months.

Intel will be able to maintain the technological advantage, although technically the production process will be identical to that of competitors?
Will be able to maintain the technological advantage, although technically the production process will be identical to that of the competitors?


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    1. Hurry…? What to hurry…?
      You understand that the processors we received so far were the ceiling + 100MHZ…. That it doesn't count (to me)!

      1. What are you boy I rushed my 4770K from 3.9 to 4.6 without a problem.
        I have no idea where you decided you would only get 100mhz +.

        1. Come on, like I said ... enthusiasm for nothing!
          4790K is coming [Email protected]
          So get another 400MHZ out of it… ..and what will you do with them?
          Get another 10 seconds on Rendering…
          Individual games that require OC from a processor. _ (Almost everything is a video card).

          Note: 4770 vs. 4790.
          So we let you [Email protected] And made you feel wow …… ”I took another 1GHZ out of the processor”… wow….
          (They could just as well have given a processor [Email protected] Then we would say "Wow we got 2GHZ out of the processor… .Wow live processor!"
          So I say:
          The story is known…. The horse is injured…. And the gun doesn't fire ...!

          Everything we've seen so far is exhausted in the 4.6 + area so there's nothing great here!
          2700K b [Email protected] And more on air will not be ashamed of any current processor of the day.

          What a processor you have.
          By the way, have you handled the problem of 4C \ 4T effort? _ (Which was a course?) _ (Supposed to be a sufficient processor for renderings without this problem)

  1. This whole article can be summed up in one sentence (quote): "We'll get the answers in a few months."
    It sounded a little better what DEVIL CANYON was but was present and seen.
    If you manage to get such frequencies at 60C temp, it would be fun to say the word INTEL.
    But if the 4.5 turbo stands on the 100C with the built-in fan… ..this will be a painful blow again!
    Just miss 2700K

  2. Right now is what can be done with such a monstrous frequency?
    I'm currently with my 6700K, at 4Ghz frequency in Undervolt. The processor does not work the 47 degrees effortlessly - even as long as games. And I have a warm, air-conditioned room…. And the processor does not cause any bottlenecks in gaming….

      1. It's a processor for the home market ... a person who doesn't understand rendering or other complicated calculations, that's what server / extreme processors do.

        1. It's more suited to renderings than games, if ever.
          As you can afford a system with 6700K games, there are some
          Who have no choice but to use it for renderings.

  3. So figure out that it's compatible with the Z170 chipset, and forget the Z270 rumors that will come with it?

    1. Didn't you drift a bit back?
      Please note that Jack Sparrow is everywhere.
      I wish it was the hardware that was limiting us.

    2. You're right. It's really sad that I only need to install Windows to perform OC to the processor (Z170-based motherboard doesn't allow OC to perform reasonably well), since I spend a lot of time working with Linux, and the performance I need is mostly Linux.

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