The correct approach to a sane mechanical keyboard: Corsair K70 RGB Mk2 in criticism

We took one of the most popular hardware and peripherals manufacturers - and we found a very nice keyboard to use and well balanced with its features

The world of mechanical keyboards continues to develop at its own pace. Sometimes it takes odd turns and sometimes straightens, and it probably depends on the specific trends of that period.

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In this review we bring a product that has already undergone several incarnations of design and has reached a fairly high finish and price accordingly - mechanical keyboard K70 RGB MK.2 model of the manufacturer .

The new K70 RGB MK.2 from Is a continuation of the K70 keyboard The classic. A number of design changes have created a product that feels like something new.

The keyboard is a complete keyboard that also includes Numpad, F keys and editing keys such as Home and End. In the package you get the keyboard, a hand rest pad and a cover cover for certain keys.

The same keys actually give a different finish to WASD for those who prefer something a bit more rugged or maybe smooth but just a solid color. Along with the covers comes an easy retrieval tool of course.

The keyboard comes with two connections To a computer and includes a free connection to which you can connect anything you want, like a mouse or a drive For convenience.

The keyboard buttons we requested for this review are Cherry-MX Which come anyway in the hypothetical configuration of this keyboard. You may have come up with a version that includes Cherry-MX Blue buttons with a click when clicked. The noise of the Comes which hits the lid of the keyboard itself.

Apropos, the body of the K70 MK.2 is made of plastic and aluminum, with a thick surface of aluminum covering the entire top, keypad area.

In general, I must say that I am very pleased with the construction quality of the K70 MK.2, this is one of the hard keyboards I encountered. Any attempt to twist or create pressure on the body of the keyboard has encountered considerable resistance.

The Festival of Lights without Lights? One of the visual key features of this keyboard is, of course, The versatile. The bulbs can mean a very wide spectrum of colors and each key can also be programmed separately. In addition, there is a large variety of effects enabled by Corsair's superior control software

The iCUE of Is its control software when it comes to On your computer. It is a stable and relatively cost-effective software with which you can manage different profiles of lighting On your keyboard like a rainbow or rain effect.

As far as the buttons themselves are concerned, those of you who know the world of mechanical keyboards probably already have an opinion about their favorite button. This is how the K70 sounds MK.2 When writing with the Cherry-MX Red buttons:

The noise produced by these keys varies between keyboard and keyboard as the keyboard itself changes.

There are three important keys on the keyboard that include the ability to lock the Start button, change the intensity of LED lighting between different levels, and switch between the programmatic profiles that we have set for colors.

The keyboard has full multimedia buttons with an addition that I noticed is important to many today and is a volume wheel instead of buttons. I have to admit that the use of the wheel is indeed pleasant and comfortable, and I prefer it over standard volume buttons.

I have no other way to say it, the resting surface for the hands it provides With the K70 RGB MK.2 is the most comfortable I've ever used. He is more prone to such and such cushions, or to plastic that has a texture that can cause sweat. The texture itself feels quite pleasant and velvety. This surface has no cushions at all and is made of a combination of plastics only. well done to- On the excellent surface, a feature that, in my opinion, is rare among the manufacturers of the various keyboards.

The typing experience in K70 MK.2 was among the best I've ever experienced with mechanical keyboards and I used this keyboard to write several reviews to the site including this review itself. Although the keyboard sent to us overseas has no languages ​​other than English, it is important to note that keyboards sold in Israel come with engraving, for those of you who do not write blind.

The roughness of the space is noticeable at each click. I do not feel an advantage in it, but neither do I. I suppose there are those who would like less profit than a skater, but that's a solution to a problem I've never encountered before.

The excellent keyboard spacing on the keyboard and the erroneous clicks are something that happens less significantly only after a few hours of use. Switching to this keyboard from another keyboard was very natural and I did not have to get used to strange keyboard locations. Chose not to take risks and make a keyboard in a standard, solid industrial design. The only gimmick that exists is actually the, Since beyond that it could have been a mechanical keyboard from the line to the gamer, the programmer and any other typical user.

The K70 RGB MK.2 is one of the most advanced keyboards of the KXNUMX And the price for this is in accordance with US $ 142 at the time of this writing, or 705 NIS in self import.This keyboard can also be found in Israel with an engraving of about NIS 750.

In my opinion, after two weeks on the keyboard, this is a great product with stable and advanced software that can satisfy those of us who have to feel the mechanical buttons under the fingers. Outstanding building quality and felt.

Recommended - K70 MK.2 Cherry-MX Red

The keyboard of You are on the list of recommended HWzone with a polished product, very comfortable to use and operation and of course great visuals. Well done.