Mark the logs: AMD will show us the gaming capabilities of the Zen processors very soon • HWzone

Mark the logs: AMD will show us the gaming capabilities of the Zen processors very soon

The chip developer will conduct a publicized event in Uncle Sam's country, where we may finally get some answers to the variety of question marks we have

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Make room for your schedule - On Tuesday, 13 in December (at 23: 00 Israel Time), we should get more and more familiar with the company's new Zen architecture , Which is probably the most important product of the company in the current decade, and with its first commercial application of course:, Or SR.

AMD's online event will be broadcast live online, For all those who will be registered in advance for access to it on the official company website, It seems - and the brief description that appears alongside the countdown timer and the title 'New Horizon' makes it clear that this will be the first time we will see Zen architecture in action in the context of gaming and gaming, after the previous technology demo focused on video performance based on software The Blender. After years when the Bulldozer architecture processors (and its derivatives) formed a bottleneck for graphics cards in quite a few of the titles on the market, we would certainly love to have proof that Move to a situation in which they compete as equals in its products .

We can finally watch Zen in action, after more than two years of waiting
Finally, In action, after more than two years of waiting

The launch of the first Zen processors is set to take place in the first quarter of 2017 as of now, and we sincerely hope the web event in question is just a small appetizer for the CES show in Las Vegas - where we can see the level of industry support and interest in the company's new products , Which will largely determine their potential to succeed.

Will we now see hardware and computer manufacturers providing proper support for AMD?
Will we now see hardware and computer manufacturers providing proper support for AMD?

For dessert, we present to you this table that originates from one of the Chinese hardware sites on the network - where you can find alleged 'hints' about the prices and performance AMD prepares for us: four levels of models to be offered in the family, From SR3 to the standard quadrature, via the SR5 already upgraded to six physical processing cores, SR7 to include eight physical processing cores, and 16 logical processing cores as well as more powerful and expensive SR7 models.

The SR is head to head with Intel Extreme. Trusted, or too good to be true?
The SR head to head in front of the Extreme . Trusted, or too good to be true?

The same source declares official price levels between 150 and USD for the SR3 models for 500 for the most advanced SR7 models, which can offer a performance level to those of the Core i7-5960X and Core i7-6850K processors from the Extreme Families of , Which are priced several hundred dollars above it. All of this data is not validated, and therefore it is recommended to treat it with a trace of spectacle - yet there is no argument that we are looking forward to a particularly interesting time in the desktop processor world, one that we have not seen in a good few years, and we will continue to monitor and update you in every detail.


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  1. Why can't I comment on the front page story?

    No "Publish" button

    It is unclear who ZEN is competing for

    Intel 6900

    Or Intel 7700?

    What will ZEN give us versus Intel, regardless of price

  2. I'm not sure there is an official AMD distributor in the country - if you look at the stores that sell components, such as Plonter, TMS, Start, KSP, etc. you will see that they rarely sell AMD processors and those that do - probably import them themselves. If indeed the ZEN processors are really successful and affordable then that means there will be a problem buying them in the country (at least for a reasonable price). I hope that within a few months the matter will be resolved, as, as it currently appears, AMD will probably return serious competition to Intel.

  3. It is possible to say about the ZEN, which is hidden from the open, and all that is said is my assessment.

    Ron If I was here during the 1090T I believe it will be a similar situation then, what do you mean?

    One core of zen is weaker than one core of 7700K and even its own 6900K, but it will give more cores at the same price, talking about the level of core performance of the ivy bridge / haswell level

    SR3 will look like square cores in the price range of I3, with performance with 1-2 cores it will lose to I3 used in all 4 cores it will look stronger. (Estimates 4770K / 3770K performance order)

    SR5 will probably be hexagonal cores at the price of I5, the performance of up to 4 cores is lost to the I5 used in the 5-6 cores it will be stronger. (4930K / 5930K order)

    SR7 will be priced at 7700K, will offer 8 cores when using 4 cores it will lose to 7700K and will utilize all 8 more strongly (Core i7-5960X sizing)

    An additional SR7 will be slightly faster than the previous one but will display a price of 6800K +, which is likely to lose its use up to 6 cores and lead to slightly used 7-8 cores.

  4. Quote of Idan P.

    That's exactly what I answered, he read again, apparently she did not understand.

    That's the problem I think you didn't understand.

    Everything you wrote has nothing to do with my question

    What is the connection 1090T ?

    Everything you wrote has nothing to do with my question

    You do not know please answer.

    Quote of dor123

    Why does nobody answer me?

  5. Quote of ron951

    AMD Against Intel (Regardless of price, only quality)?

    ZEN will be good against which Processors , The new 7700 or 6900?

    A. No one can estimate the "quality" of any component, except maybe the manufacturer because it knows what percentage of the components it produces are improper and have an estimate of how much the component should break down (month, year, 10 years…). Everyone else can't know it and so you can just wait and see. Of course you may have to wait for years until it is clear how long it takes for a component to break down, but until then there are likely to be more advanced components in the market…

    B. The most important thing for most people is the price-performance ratio - if someone can get a processor that performs like a company's high-end competing for much less money it won't matter if it has one or ten processing cores.

    third. Of course, performance depends on the applications used, since if the application knows to use X Processing cores, using a processor with more than X processing cores will not really add to performance. In this case, it is advisable to choose a processor with X processing cores where its single core performance is superior to that of the competitor's processor, even if both processors cost exactly the same.

    D. In fact, as long as AMD's ZEN processors have not yet been released, nothing can be known for certain. In fact, it is impossible to know with absolute certainty that the processors' code names will be SR3, SR5 and SR7 (who knows - maybe at the last minute they decide to change them).

  6. a quote

    No one can assess the "quality" of any component

    Any answer here is worse than the first

    What it is not possible to estimate chip speed and quality, have been doing this for years

    If you don't know about answer.

    a quote

    No one can assess the "quality" of any component, except perhaps the manufacturer

    Say some unrelated nonsense to the question you write?

    a quote

    In fact as long as the ZEN processors of AMD Not yet released you can not know anything for sure

    If you do not know how to answer the question, do not answer

    You probably won't fuck the brain with nonsense

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