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The countdown towards Black Friday continues

Stores Across the globe we are provided Enlarged and expanded, as an appetizer ahead of the biggest sales day of the Western world

This Friday, 25 in November, will be the day that should be your last and most affordable opportunity to purchase products online in 2016 - with Black Friday, or Black Friday, which will mark a variety Retail in North America, and around the world in general.

Until the big day comes, with a giant Offer And we have collected some of those that should be interesting and relevant to you, to make sure you do not miss anything.

Samsung's new Zenfone 3 smartphone, With a processor 625 OVERVIEW, 4GB And 64GB of Built-in, sold at a price of about 328 euros including taxes and shipping to the country - about NIS 1,350, which is a discount of about NIS 500 from the domestic price of the device.

Bluetooth wireless mobile speaker The Jabra Solematite Mini, In black color, sold for only 40 euros - about NIS 165, which is almost half its price in stores in the country.

Solemat Mini
Solemat Mini

For those who are capable and willing to invest, Sony's famous RX100 IV camera Last year is offered at a total price of EUR 751 including taxes and shipping to Israel, about NIS 3,100 which is a discount of 900 shekels of the cheapest cost on the local market.

The wired gaming mouse Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum Offered for 67 Euro All-inclusive Euro - about NIS 280 which is a discount of NIS XNUM and more compared to its cost in the country. In addition, the wired mouse G403 Prodigy Is sold at a considerable discount compared to its cost in Israel.

G502 Proteus Spectrum
G502 Proteus Spectrum

Logitech's popular K800 wireless keyboard Sold for about $ 66 dollars including taxes and shipping to Israel, about NIS 260 which is about half of the cost in Israel. Wireless Wireless Mouse Mouse MX The company, which puts together a set that costs NIS 900 and more in the country, is also sold at a great price of about 52 dollars or NIS 205 only - and together this is a discount of more than 50 percent for the overall price.

All the operations mentioned above will be available in the next few hours, so use them wisely. Successfully!


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  1. On lighted keyboards like the K800, is there any point in pasting keyboard stickers (transparent) in Hebrew?
    It seems to me that the lighting comes from the letters themselves, so if the transparent stickers are pasted, the Hebrew letter will not be described and the Hebrew letter may also come out on English and then it will be wonderful.
    I'm wrong?

    1. I personally do not look at the keyboard anyway, so it does not matter if it will only be with letters in Russian (I write only in English mainly and in Hebrew)

  2. This Jabra Mini speaker is not worth buying, its power is weak compared to the Blitzwolf BW-F4, although the Blitzwolf costs a little more expensive but it's more powerful.

  3. Recommends to check deals at Deal Crash (Social Network of Deals) - they have already released dozens of promotions for the Black Friday.

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