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An advanced PC, and all modern consoles - in one box

Origin Found a special and impressive way to celebrate its ten years of existence

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Many hardware enthusiasts don't really like the companies that offer complex computer systems that rob the consumer of the delight in choosing and assembling their own components - but these companies continue to grow and develop in a world where gaming is the largest and most widespread in the world, with one of the oldest and best-known names in its category. Origin Which is currently celebrating a decade of impressive engineering and hardware capabilities right out of Miami, Florida.

So how do you celebrate such a nice round date? The amazing Big O computer is the answer. Beyond being a particularly formidable 10-based gaming system - the chassis also incorporates the PlayStation 4 Pro console's motherboard, the console's motherboard X (each with a Custom water and 2 terabyte hard drive) and a docking station for the Switch, so there is actually the ability to play any modern game from a single point, probably for the first time.

All the (digital) gaming in the world - in one big box

Big O doesn't have an official price tag because No plans at all to sell such systems to consumers - this is a single and exclusive prototype created by company members to celebrate her birthday, and probably to earn a few more bonus points for the various gaming enthusiasts across the network.

And living a wolf with a lamb - the gaming version

Based on the system components that include an octagonal Core i9-9900K processor, a 64GB of Corsair DDR4 memory, a pair of XMUMX one XMUMX terabyte drives in one 2 terabyte, Samsung's RTX Titan graphics card And system Customized with rigid, fixed and illuminated tubes - the theoretical price of such a product seems to have crossed the threshold of 10,000 dollars, or more than NIS 35,000.

The new model is actually an update to the Big O model from the past - which included hardware Along with stringers 360 and 3 in the same rectangular and monstrous package

Has anyone said madness? This is certainly the appropriate setting in this case.

Origin will not sell you its creation for any capital in the world probably, but who knows - maybe proving this ability will get other manufacturers to lift the glove

The Origin Big O is actually the company's latest shine as an independent body - as soon as the product was unveiled The declaration That the company Will acquire it in order to expand its growing computer systems business. This transaction may be the login card of The world of computers Gaming and giant home computers are huge (in addition to the powerful and compact computer systems it has been offering for sale in recent years), though the promise now is that Will continue to operate as a separate and independent brand under the parent company.

A new and interesting collaboration that will give us more crazy models in the future?

How much would you be willing to pay for the one and only system that provides all the home gaming imaginable? Let us tell you in comments.


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