Audience Audience: Samsung's 850 EVO drive is also available at a great price. • HWzone

Audience favorite: Samsung's 850 EVO drive is also offered for a great price

Right from Spain, we're bringing you a great deal on The most popular homeowners In 250GB and 500GB volumes

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after The drives of SanDisk, Transcend And CrucialIt seems like it's time for the main course - the drives too The 850 EVO series is very popular Join the party with big discounts.

Current bid Comes from Amazon Spain, which now offers the 500GB 850 EVO model for the 130 Euro only, as well as its 250GB model for 72 Euro.

Both models are sent directly to Israel via We are very pleased, and the prices together with shipping and payment of taxes come to about 152 euros for the 500GB model, and about 95 euros for the 250GB model - where for the model in the larger volume of the two it is a cost that is about 200 NIS from the best prices We have come across Israel to this day. We have nothing left but to highly recommend.

Please note that prices are limited to one drive (of any volume) for a user

Quickly order, if you have not yet selected one of the The others that go around the net at tempting prices - these prices will only be relevant until the end of the current day, by the time .

updating: Now The EVO 850 drives can be purchased At good prices (about 180 dollars to 500GB and about 101 dollars to 250GB) and with direct shipment to Israel also from Amazon USA, for those who prefer. Enjoy!

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