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Dawn of new manufacturing process: Intel has begun delivering 10 nm chips to its customers

The Future of Generation Starting now - and the competition in the processor market is about to intensify and intensify

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As part of the exposure Intel's financial reports for the second quarter of this year We received a very significant line between all the lines and numbers, which in effect guarantees the launch of The first 10 chipset in the Ice Lake generation Already this year, in line with the updated promises of the company's members.

Intel has completed the required exams of their first mobile processors Tenth Core Section And they began commercially supplying these products to the Central Partnership, which in turn would open up the new-era laptops to be based - when the mass availability of those products on store shelves in the last quarter of the year (just prior to the return to school and end-of-year shopping frenzy) makes sense. Definitely.

Generation E- The tenth is fast approaching - and now it must be for a change

The official show of The new Y and U models We may see in the show The big European in early September, as did the first PCs to be based on - so we might get a taste of the practical performance and the impressive 18 percent improvement in overall processing performance under the same power consumption and massive up to 50 percent processing performance. Will the prices of the models maintain a level that we know today? This is another question altogether.

Offered first 10 nm chips from the family of Its already last year - but these were very basic in their capabilities and offered a very limited number of products. This time it is all the more numerous and capabilities - with new architectures in all the interior processing units

Ice Lake processors for the mobile market Intel is expected to be the only product of 10 nanometer lithography in 2019 this year, when 2020 is to bring the latest technology to the server world as well - while the world of home-based processors on all levels is still in the fog at this point, when it is unclear whether we will enjoy the end of 2020 as well. Real competition For AMD 7 processors.

Both the U and Y chips will be more economical and compact than ever - but if you are looking for a larger power supply, you will probably have to wait a while until you get what you want.

While Intel is betting on the mobile market as its main growth vector, AMD prefers to focus its takeover efforts on the desktop market - And we certainly hope that each of the companies decide to increase competition in their competitor's home turf, too, in a way that will provide us with increasingly competitive and quality offers for our money.

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