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The director of HWzone's communities retires

After more than three years as manager Communities of our site, Announced today Noam Eliahu known as ThePorscher, on his retirement from the staff and management of HWzone. Noam is a pillar of HWzone, and under his management the forums of the site grew and developed.
In the community system of that has been around for more than five years, members as 25,000 are active users from around the world and around the world. During Elijah's time as community director, there were exclusive exposures at the international level and even a considerable number of World Records (OverClock), Anchor Marking and Mooding were presented.

On behalf of the entire team of HWzone, we would like to thank this rostrum for his great contribution to the team and the site at large, and to wish him success in everything he chooses to do in the future.
Noam's contribution to the hardware community in Israel and HWzone in particular can not be measured in words and there is no way to thank him for it. We can only wish him and us that he will continue to love everything related to computers, as always, and will continue to contribute his great knowledge to younger people in the hardware communities in Israel.
We are confident and know that Noam will continue to be a contributing member of our community, and without his bright red stars he will continue to shine on the discussions in which he will take part in his enriching reactions. Our hope is that we will see Noam again on the HWzone team in the future.

Eliahu's successor will be Matan Eldan (whom you know as Milk-Inc in our communities), who currently serves as a manager The TradeZone - The second hand panel of, and as the site's technical support forum. Eldan is no stranger to the role of community manager, having served as Elijah's right-hand man and deputy for the past year, and his promotion to this position is a signal of the great confidence of all of us in his ability to succeed in the role.
Good luck providing.

We want to remind all members of the community who are interested in contributing to the promotion of the site, that we are looking for new team members for all positions on the site all the time. Interested parties are invited to contact us through the details On our page.

All Team

To the community system of HWzone

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  1. Too bad, I was alone
    Noam it's a shame you left you were one of the best managers I've ever seen, and you helped me personally too if you remember: P

    Good luck whatever you do

  2. Too bad, she was a great manager.
    I really liked what you did to the site, I just hope your replacement will do the least good :)

  3. Noam, good luck in your journey and thanks for your contribution.
    Although I don't know you so much, I suppose many parts of this wonderful site have evolved in your favor, and for that everyone will thank you, good luck in any field you try ..

  4. Good luck pleasing and giving!
    Of all the time I have been in the forum, I have not yet been able to see or respond to Noam's posts, but still good luck to you! Don't forget to visit the Cau forum!
    Well done giving! You have a huge role! Successfully!

    good luck to you both!

  5. Pleasant
    You have contributed a lot, and I am sure many will remember your contribution to Hwzone as a warm and loving donation.
    Good luck down your path,

  6. How long did it go? After all, he's not dead, so he'll be back
    There is no leisure time as it was.

  7. Lots of success to you all.
    Noam Eliyahu, good luck on your way, and giving Eldan an easy go into someone else's shoes, keep your naturalness in access to friends and people, lots of human relations needed here, and wish you succeed and maintain the level of this site.

  8. Pleasant…
    You have contributed a lot to the hwzone community, I am sure you have left the community for something better and better but I wish you success later…
    And to the wonderful new manager who I'm sure will do a lot more successfully in the community for the two of you ...

  9. ),:
    No, why did you leave?!?!?! 111

    Lots of success down the road, and in the words of one who can't say his name - MUAHAHHHH !!!

  10. Noam thank you for everything friend.
    I wish you well in everything you do and good luck in giving Alden the new shoes we hope to be a good successor I'm sure.

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