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The Dwarfs Attack - MITX Round Table Review

The dwarves are coming!

Recently, fashion has been developing, including computers that are shrinking in size. We are witnessing rapid development in the cellular and tablet market, tablet and netbook, and the list just keeps going, give the device a different size screen and it will get its own name. Therefore, the personal computer market also enjoys compactness that carries high processing power.

This is due to advanced manufacturing processes that require less resources on the printed circuit board, a feature that allows the production of small printed circuit boards with advanced chips. In this review I will present you three motherboards in the configuration mini ITX Designed for the performance market and gamers. These advanced motherboards do not exceed the size of your hand (if your hand is relatively large, of course).
Until recently, configuration Mini ITX (An area of ​​16.5 on 16.5 cm) was reserved for printed boards which generally included a soldered processor, a simple chipset, and memory interfaces SODIMM, Which appear on computer motherboards . Recent advances and efficiencies in manufacturing processes enable us to benefit from motherboards of the same size that include an advanced desktop bracket, a complete chipset, and memories DDR3 Standard size. This, along with display and voice interfaces, and in fact, what not?
Around these dwarf motherboards, the packaging manufacturers' market also began to react quickly, creating a proper response that enables the construction of simple and advanced computers. These computers can be used for gamers who need a large processing power and easy to carry, to a media media salon that contains the potential of a console failure that is also used for graphics intensive games.
Come and get to know the stars of the market -mITX Based chip set Z77 של In the seat LGA1155

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  1. It's a shame you didn't cover Asus's board either
    I have the Asus board, P8Z77-I DELUXE
    Excellent board that I think outperforms other similar boards in the market thanks to 10 processor power supply phases and a host of great functions

  2. To 3
    True, he is a great motherboard. The thing is, its 1 price is significantly higher than these tablets, 185 dollars. The second reason? Maybe Asus decided that it would be better to review her slightly more advanced boards :) Which one? You will know early next month

  3. Until recently, only for soldered processors? Definately not!
    I have at home mITX about 5 years with Q6600 (a resident of LGA775) and ordinary memories, which at the time was able to run everything you could throw at it… although I admit, it was an industrial board.
    Reback, there was even a board with Socket 478!

  4. To 2
    Diverse in what?
    Supporting old options at the expense of modern options?
    The MSI board seems to appeal to Third World countries.

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