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The end of the Radeon VII

The world's first graphics card with a 7 nanometer core ends its path in a weak voice, only six months after being exposed

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It is quite difficult to argue that this is a surprising move - the network reported that AMD's Radeon VII cards were presented on the main stage at CES in January Have reached the status of EOL (End of Life), meaning that their commercial marketing has actually ended in terms of the company, and thus we come a step closer to ending the controversial life of the E- All of it.

We first received statements from That there are no plans to use Vega cores that have been converted from 14 nanometer manufacturing to an innovative 7 nanometer manufacturing process for gaming applications and products, but only as part of products to accelerate HPC arrays - Vega VII, which included a VEGA 20 core with 3,840 active operation units, 16GB of Built on top of the chip and a massive power envelope of 300 watts.

It was hard to find them in stores-and soon it was going to get even harder

Despite these excellent opening figures, The actual performance of the Vega VII Have proven that it is difficult to teach an old dog new exercises - and AMD once again found itself lagging behind when it comes to capabilities behind NVIDIA's samples. A basic price tag of 700 dollars and limited availability that in some cases jumped the price above the recommended threshold did not help to gain momentum - and then came Launch of Navi As the more efficient and effective future architecture of , Pre-developed for the production process of 7 nm and not only retroactively adapted to it.

The data were very advanced - but they could not match the direct competitor at home , Which will itself be replaced by 2070 Super is cheaper

In the current situation, it seems likely that we will see Radeon VII models The custom design of AMD's partner manufacturers, instead of the standard reference board design in advance, is nil - and so is the chance to see any additional Radeon products in the future with Vega cores. What is left on the market now is mainly APU mobile and stationary products that include built-in Vega cores, and there, too, the expectation is that we'll see a jump Navi architecture The new with the jump to the core 2 instead Plus, in the next generation.

End of the way - and probably also used in the memoirs In gaming products

Will you miss Vega for all its various and sundry derivatives, or you'll be glad it's on its way to extinction from the market ( Which preceded it will disappear)? Talk about it in comments.


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  1. It will probably be marketed under the RADEON PRO VEGA II from the point that it is no longer necessary as a gaming card, and since it is originally PCIE GEN4 support, it will sell much more easily.

  2. Both FP64 performance is affordable and also EEC, reasonably priced computational card for computational chemistry / molecular dynamics.

  3. Libby Libby with those who bought this DOA for games and convinced themselves that the amount of memory would "store" it in the future.
    Except for AMD with the FURY card that is configured for 4K resolution and comes with 4GB memory do not remember a situation where memory constituted a bottleneck for an average user and also remains a reserve for years to come.

  4. I have not left yet.

    How much graphic memory does it require? (That is, if it does not falter, not what it allocates to it as much as possible)

  5. It is precisely RTX2070 / 2080 buyers are the big losers now, as opposed to VII they have no advantage other than gaming performance and the current writer and discount prices have mowed down their value by 2, while VII will snatch at 2 because besides games it is sold at a price of PRO at a joke, On Amazon & Co. prices where sellers are taking advantage of the shortage and knocking prices above $ 1000.

  6. Quote of omertgm

    I have not left yet.

    How many זיכרון Graphic is binding? (Ie faltering if there is not it, not what he does to him as much as possible)

    I had a VEGA 56 I couldn't get over 30FPS in 4K

    So I replaced it with 1080TI, now the game drops into the 30 area

    In terms of memory card I got to the maximum ... it's an alpha with a long road to perfection (the game of course)

    Highly recommend to try the game by the way

  7. But .. 1080TI is stronger than VEGA56 at 45% .. Clearly it will run every game a lot better…

    The improvement you had is not due to the addition of these memory volumes from a much stronger core, successful architecture and optimization and much more generous OC capabilities.

    How did you check that you reached the maximum memory? The one who sees a resource monitor that all full graphic memory has nothing to do with how much memory really needs or less of it will hurt performance.
    It's simply a "feature" of almost every game nowadays to perform a maximum allocation (allocation) of memory in advance. That doesn't mean it's used.

    Does the game support a geo? In the past I played space simulators like freespace and it was a great experience.

  8. Quote of omertgm

    But .. 1080TI is stronger than VEGA56 at 45% .. Clearly it will run every game a lot better…

    The improvement you had was not due to extra volume זיכרון These are from a much stronger core, architecture And successful optimization and OC capabilities are much more generous.

    How did you check that you reached maximum memory? The one who sees in the monitor resources that all the graphics memory is completely full is not related to how much זיכרון Really need or less of that will hurt performance.
    It is simply a "feature" of almost every game nowadays to perform a maximum allocation (allocation) זיכרון in advanced. It does not mean you use it.

    Game supports a joystick? I used to play the simulators space Like freespace and it was a great experience.

    As for the card replacement, I did not replace the thinker I loved so much because of memory but because of core performance

    The game itself has the option of inserting command lines, one of which really monitors the use of the hardware you have… all the DDR or GPU memories and because of CPU and GPU percentages

    Sure supports the joystick… I think I fly my transcripts with a keyboard and a mouse…. Exaggeration ;)

    YouTube Conference sees everything there as the monitoring you get through it all and again really recommend ... There are periods that the game can be downloaded free of charge for an exam period

    For example:


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