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The end of an era? Radeon RX 5700 cards do not support CrossFireX technology

The new graphics processing cards from Do not support creating multiple arrays that were very popular in the past

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The dual launch of new Ryzen processors and Navi video cards at the same time flooded a lot of fresh and interesting information on the network, some of which fell through the chairs and not necessarily received enough attention - such as the fact that the RX 5700 and RX 5700 XT does not include multi-processor support for CrossFireX processing cards.

In the past, creating arrays with two video cards and even more has been a common option for avid gaming enthusiasts for increased performance from an existing and affordable system - and this has been done through SLI technology and a dedicated external bridge in the And CrossFireX (or CrossFire) technology and its own dedicated external bridge on the Radeon .

The development of processing technologies, as well as increased awareness of the problems of micro-stuttering in gaming, have resulted in a gradual reduction in the use of these solutions, with the creators and developers of the titles also ceasing to support this capability, in which two processing units are connected to the port And each is responsible for the processing of a single frame alternately (under the more common AFR mode).

The Does not include connection for an external CrossFireX bridge - nor could it interfere internally between the cards based on the bandwidth of the PCI-Express artery

Now, with the official launch of the Navi models, we find that in addition to not including a dedicated material connection for CrossFireX systems, they also do not offer software support - meaning consumers will not be able to connect a pair of RX 5700 or RX 5700 XT cards for increased performance in titles Supporters based on the standards 9, 11 or OpenGL. What is supported in the red cards of the New Age is the modern ability in standards 12 and To use several different media internally (via the And the motherboard itself - Explicit Multi-GPU) and dynamic, which takes into account the processing power and typical latency when dividing the processing work on each frame and frame.

Remains the latest to officially support multi-ticket arrays for past crowns - and it does so in just a few individual products

In other words, most of the titles of the past will not operate in any form in a double-deck format, Current, while out of the modern titles there is a very limited list that can be counted on less than two hands of multi-core processing technology that is supported - is that a final nail in the CrossFireX closet? Can't triple comeback in more advanced video cards of the era, Although for now it certainly looks like the end of the road.

The future is the smart and best use of all the graphical processing resources available in the system with the help of an effective copy engine to divide the work - but the field is still in its infancy at this time

Lack of support of May be more surprising than usual given the fact that the new GeForce RTX 2070 Super model actually supports arrays Of a pair of cards of the same type, based on an external jumper - mainly because it is based on a silicon core very similar to the original GeForce RTX 2080 which also supported the technology. Still, when it seems that the number of modern graphics processing cards that support ultra-low capacity and stands for some very expensive and expensive models - it's hard to argue with the assertion that CrossFireX and Are technologies that are safe to the history books, and it remains to be hoped that more effective and smart heirs will take their place in time and allow us to use a variety of different and varied graphic processing tools to get a whole larger than the sum of its parts.

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