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Hard drives at floor prices, now at Amazon

Original article: Let's snatch a model from home In proper volume and at a final price of NIS 300 only

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Amazon never ceases to amaze us with offers with external storage drives, this time it's the underdog's turn in the field, , To show us that it can also supply 4 terabytes at a price that will be particularly curtailed to the Israeli public.

Japanese company Canvio Basics model in black color with USB 3.0, 3.5 configuration and PC compatibility Or for Macs (after re-formatting in a suitable standard) - now sold for the first time at a base price of only 74.4 dollars, or 84.42 dollars including shipping to your home.

This is a final price of about NIS 300, calculated by converting one percent of the cost of the transaction (you always pay at Amazon's online local currency matching site, and rely on the credit card conversion fee with which you make the deal that would be a significant priority The cases) - which will be cheaper by almost NIS 200 of all Exterior of 4 terabytes that you can buy in Israel. It is advisable to take this opportunity quickly, before it is over.

Additional details and purchase:

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updating: Also Canvio Basics model of The volume of 2 terabytes is available at a great discounted price of 50 dollars, or 58.48 dollars includes shipping to Israel - about NIS 210, compared to NIS 310 and up for the same model in stores in Israel.

Additional details and purchase:

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Those looking for a particularly large volume of storage can test the purchase of the The desktop elements, also in black, are 10 terabytes and only a base price of 159 dollars, the lowest for this model to date. The final price includes VAT and shipping will be about NIS 735 - compared to prices of NIS 1,300 or higher (!) For other 10 drives that are sold in the country.

Price less than 11 storage per gigabyte

Additional details and purchase:

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For dessert, you can also choose an internal hard drive for your BarraCuda family system , In terms of 2 terabytes, 7,200 rpm and 256 megabytes of Quick Cache - For a base price of 50 dollars, or 60.87 dollars includes shipping which is about NIS 220 worth.

Additional details and purchase:

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