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The fastest DDR4 memories you can find in stores

Company Launches a New Double Kit in its Vengeance LPX series, which looks just like everything else - but will cost you more than NIS 3,000

Outwardly, it looks like another set of 16GB volume models including the Corsair Vengeance LPX series, available in black, white and blue tones and at prices starting below the 75 dollar VAT exemption for 3,000MHz speeds and less - but below metallic coating This is a chip-based product The most advanced production line is tired.

Corsair has launched a new DDR4 product that allows it to grab the performance crown for itself - thanks To a huge base frequency of 4,866MHz Supported directly from the factory, with CL18 timings and a relatively high basic 1.5 Volt workload with a designation for ultra-advanced processors based on processors Or processors Up to date.

Innovative speed - and a crazy price

Such advanced, high-quality chips from Micron Corporation are designed to provide maximum flexibility for maximum speed systems, whether through air or water coolers or exotic refrigerants that take the temperature to minus 180 degrees Celsius or less - and exotic prices accordingly And stands at $ 985, excluding tax. This is a price that is 15 higher than the price Vengeance LPX the cheapest 16GB volume you can find in stores, so it goes without saying that this is an extreme product for a very specific niche of consumers.

Perhaps one of the reasons for this official launch of Corsair, which is a minimum addition to all views over the fastest 4MHz DDR4,800 memory kits to date, is the climax provided by our great competitor G.Skill a few days ago - an effective frequency of more than 6GHz (Or 6,016.8MHz, to be exact) For the first time ever for DDR4 memories, In the framework of Extreme Nitrogen Liquid based on a single 8GB module from the prestigious Trident Royal Z Series.

Manages to get ahead of its major competitors with this fresh move - but it probably won't be long until we see them progressing from 4,800MHz to 4,866MHz and maybe 4,900MHz as well.

Memories in the Standard They are approaching the limit of their practical capability, it seems, even when it comes to having their own modules Standard that are sold in stores and also when it comes to fast-moving modules with prominent professionals in the field - and we can soon start fantasizing about the new highs that can be reached with the next generation of dynamic memories, taking into account the first economical LPDDR5 mass-produced modules from home Enjoy huge effective operating speeds of 5,500MHz (or 5,500 million data transfer operations per second, to be exact).

This fresh international rush makes it clear that we are nearing the edge, at least when it comes to - While the sky is the limit for the future device that will soon replace it


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