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Intel 's DDR3 - First Images

As we know, motherboards based on the P35 Express chipsetCode Name Bearlake) Will be among the first to support DDR3 memories. Intel's road maps last year indicated initial support for DDR3 at the end of the current year (2007) if the memory industry allows the company's schedules.
Intel anyway, is not waiting, and locate DailyTech Reports that the company has already begun testing its DDR3 boards, some of which already exist They had leaked to the net.

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According to Intel, the P35 can support both DDR2 and DDR3, although not at the same time. DDR35 3 or 4MHz speed and 3MHz speed FSB for LGA800 resident processors (from all Core 1066 Extreme, Core 1333 Quad, Core 775 Duo and Celeron 2 series). Three PCI-E x2 slots, two PCI slots, a sound card, a pair of 2Gbps network cards, six SATAII 400Gb / s ports, and about 16 USB 1 ports.
As expected, Pentium D, Pentium 4 and Celeron D processors are not mentioned, and will probably not be supported by the new chipset.

The TP35-D3 Deluxe Panel ChileHardware - Click to increase)

Another panel on the Chillani site leaked the images is the IP35-D2, which also includes the new P35 kit, but this time combined with standard DDR2 slots. This board is also intended for all new Intel processor families and supports the 1333MHz FSB, but it includes four DDR2 667 / 800MHz slots, one network card and only 4 SATAII 3Gb / s ports.

IP35-D2 Table (Courtesy) ChileHardware - Click to increase)

Intel is expected to launch the Her Barelake family is somewhere in the third quarter of the year. The new platform will come in several different variations, including the G33 and the G35 with a built-in graphical solution, the Q33 and the Q35 designed for the business vPro platform , The P35, which is directed to the mainstream market and the X38, which is designated for the high market.


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  1. What's the point of 3's DDR1066
    Isn't it just like DDR2's 1066 only with less good timings?

  2. DDR3 It's a sheep not a wolf
    DDR3 It is like DDR2 only more expensive in today's version There is no difference DDR2 more improved and stable will take time until it is equal and affordable but ATI is already using DDR4 more improved Rope also there is only 1 PCE-16X channel not enough and why not the new generation PCE 2 is called Generation 2 Has Companies Approved to Produce With It 4 Months More Striped Products Unpolished Enough Thanks

  3. I hear a lot here
    Blah blah blah blah blah

    And that's about the reactions, not the article

  4. It's a shame that Biostar's importer in the country is such a screw-up
    It is an importer that I will not even buy gum from, if only because of the attitude to the customer that in his description can be completed a whole book of dream wisdom ...

  5. DDR3 - pros and cons
    Like any new technology, DDR3 lacks support (hardware / software), manufacturing plants, companies, etc. It will get better later - DDR2 was pretty poor at the time too (in terms of MHZ and poor timing), but we all know how much it improved.
    The main improvement DDR3 offers is lower power consumption and less heat (like DDR2 at the time). The HZ will go up later and the timings will also go down. All you need is patience.

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