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The first bud: a laptop with an 16.1 inch screen in stores

Huawei has launched a new configuration for the mobile PC market - when And other manufacturers are expected to adopt the trend soon

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Reducing the frames surrounding the display panel and shrinking the power consumption and physical dimensions of the various hardware components has enabled the laptops around us to become much more compact than ever before, in any size category you decide to look at, from tiny 11.6 inches to considered products.

That being said, the relative thought quadrant in this veteran market has prevented us from seeing too many new sizes that will also require the collaboration of display panel makers - but that will soon change, it seems, with a fresh 16.1 size that bridges the gap between the 15.6 inch 17.3 inches, in physical dimensions that would capture the niche that used to belong to mobile phones in the 15 inch category.

The enlarged dimensions allow a combination of increased processing power, it seems, compared to the 15-inch and 14-inch models with similar specifications

It is widely believed that Apple will adopt 16.1's display size on its next MacBook generation, bringing a surge of popularity that will also spur other PC players in the world to follow - but until that happens, we have the MagicBook Pro's (Via the popular sub-brand Honor), which is already sold in Chinese online stores with this new, refreshing configuration.

The thin frame of the display requires finding an alternative location for the webcam. Not the most comfortable - but at least you can enjoy the feeling Slightly improved during use

The updated MagicBook Pro offers an 16.1-inch IPS panel, as mentioned, with a recognized 1,920 × 1,080 pixel resolution, 100 percent coverage of the sRGB color gamut, and a thin 4.9 millimeter on three edges.

Fine connection with three connections Type-A - and also connections Type-C and In addition, thanks to the (relatively) increased physical dimensions of the computer

In addition, you will find Whiskey Lake processors quad-core sample i5-8265U or i7-8565U, Dynamic 4GB or 8GB LPDDR16, 512GB or 1TB NVMe drive, dedicated GeForce MX250 video card in its powerful 25 watt configuration, Front stereo headphones, dual-channel 802.11ac Wi-Fi connectivity, and 56 watt-hour battery - all within a maximum 16.9 millimeter-thick metal casing and weighing just under 1.7 pounds. Not bad at all, and helps to explain why there is a reason to be interested in this new category.

The price is surprisingly good for us - we hope it will be similar in stores soon

MagicBook Pro carries an official recommended price tag starting from 800 dollars in the Chinese market, where it can be found in international digital stores at fairly competitive A little less than NIS 3,800. Worth jumping on the bargain or is it better to wait for more manufacturers to enter the 16 inch before deciding? Feel free to decide for yourself.


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  1. And what is it supposed to change my life exactly?
    I bought a 15-inch ZENBOOK PRO because I am an image processing engineer and need to see the images and that the computer was very lightweight (less than 2 kilos)
    My mom bought ZENBOOK S because of its low weight and incredible build quality
    The fact that the computer screen will have an 16 inch size in itself will not make me buy it (I will only buy it if it becomes my niche (like the 15 inch now) or be in a wink)

  2. Any Chinese product that contains communication components, and especially Wowi, may spy on you, rather than sell information to an advertising company. It is not necessarily the will of the company, but it is the will of the Chinese government - they steal trade secrets as a strategy. Anyway they can. Therefore, it is best to underestimate the purchase of Chinese devices. What is cheap may cost dearly.

    1. Right. As a child's gaming computer, it's a roundabout, something business, better than anywhere else.

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