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Reviews of GeForce RTX 2070 are here (updated)

updating: Dozens of other reviews of different GeForce RTX 2070 models, in price ranges ranging from 500 at the low end to 650 at the top end, have reached the network - all of which offer an advantage over the GeForce GTX 1080 and the G- RX 64 market in most cases and in most respects.

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Base models at a minimum price of 500 USD, without changing the operating frequencies relative to the base set , Are able to offer a relatively modest relative improvement of about 5 percent on average between 1080p and 4K compared to the converted GTX 1080 cards currently sold at similar price tags - while switching to the Founder's Edition RTX 2070 Or from upgraded versions of the vendors jumps the relative differences to about 10 percent on average at different resolutions (at prices of 600 per unit).

Consumers will need to find the optimal deal for them in terms of cost-effectiveness, among the dozens of sub-models from different manufacturers that will reach the stores in the coming weeks

There is an improvement here that is hard to deny, it seems, even when comparing very similar price levels - but it is relatively modest compared to what we used to get in previous generations from. What will be the situation in six months or a year with the arrival of pro games And DLSS more? It will be something that is definitely interesting to examine again.

The victory over Vega cards that maintain relatively expensive price levels is significant - Who enjoy a slightly lower price reduction
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The original article: The HardOCP site has decided to ignore the information that is enforced - and provide us with a complete snapshot of the performance of the new and intriguing intermediate model

Very soon after the popular Twitter tweeter Provided us with preliminary performance data Designed for Radeon RTX 2070 cards, we got the real thing - Full review For the new Gaming Z model from MSI, it includes a cooling array with a pair of large, lighted fans and a maximum operating frequency of 1,920MHz, more than 200MHz above what should provide the Founder's Edition , The same price tag recommended for the consumer of 600 dollars.

Many visitors have already received the RTX 2070 models to test their capabilities and write the results ahead of schedule And its partners, but here we accept a case of contradiction of the guidelines, which allows us to get a significant impression a few days ahead of time.

Review The first is already here, allowing us to focus on the rapidly approaching information wave

On the American site, we tested the RTX 2070 in front of the MSI GeForce GTX 1080 and the Radeon RX VXA 64 of Asus with eight outstanding titles and found even more impressive numbers than we expected based on 3DMark - with a double-digit average At the test rates in most tests, where the overall average is about 15, the advantage of the new generation compared to the Pascal model, and an even more significant advantage compared to the senior card from . All this without examining the And DLSS still in their infancy.

Wolfenstein 2 and Shadow of the Tomb Raider are examples of games in which the new generation of Shines - both at resolutions of both 1440p and Ultra HD resolutions

The first review certainly did not address issues such as display stability and performance (the longest frame times measured, indicating momentary "pauses"), potential In addition to what comes straight from the factory, power consumption, noise level, etc. - so there are plenty more reasons to wait for further reviews in the coming days.

The most modest improvements observed in 5 - But here too - 2070 leads the competition in every index

Enough to make you consider a purchase, or not really? You are invited to tell what you think about the comments.

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