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A first glimpse of a laptop with an open product processor from the Skylake section

After the small, devoid statement about her intentions to offer Of the K family for computers For the first time, Intel has repeatedly made it clear that this is not a mistake or illusion of any kind - but a real product that will be on the market soon.

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Onstage at its latest IDF conference, its chipmaker officials have announced that mobile K processors will be arriving in the near future - and even introduced an MSI-based gaming model (including a RGB backlit keyboard and 17.3-inch 4K resolution) to join Models from Asus and, Which plans to enter the world of mobile platforms.


We don't know yet whether this is a big flash or a little too ambitious attempt to bring gaming gaming closer to their desktop siblings - but in any case, it's one of the most intriguing initiatives we've heard in the processors lately.

Another look at MSI's future and future mobile

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  1. ] [FONT

    After the small, blank statement

    Also in this article there is not too much detail except for 2 pictures of mobile (which does not really say anything about the processor inside ...)

  2. Can anyone explain to me why the hell is this good? What's the Deal?

    I don't really know either ...
    I was waiting maybe someone would use it.
    Even so, the processors on these computers are weakened versions of the desktop processors and even if these are the full processors, there is no room for proper cooling. Everything is "choked" there.
    In short anyone who wants OC doesn't buy a laptop.
    But who knows maybe in the future it will change. Like there was no air conditioner in the car :)

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