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Navi's first picture? GDDR6 memories and large power consumption

Original article: A stripped-up photograph of what should be the next-generation video circuit printed on Creates great interest

While we know quite a few technical details about the intended architecture of the 3000 series Ryzen processors and the Zen 2 cores inside, the AMD Navi graphics cores that are supposed to be launched near those processors remain almost mysterious without formal details. Now it changes at last, as part of the leaks that come to us From the Chinese Baidu forums network.

The new images show us a naked printed circuit with the logo of , Which allegedly belongs to the model called RX or 680 RX 3080 - and will serve as a middle class heir to the popular RX 580 at an expected price level of about $ 250, somewhere near the GTX 1660 Ti which, as mentioned, is priced at $ 280.

The next era's printed circuit - aligns a line with the competitor when it comes to the memory interface

The board includes preparation for eight graphics memory chips, which almost certainly prove to be based on GDDR6 instead of the more advanced and expensive HBM2 that can be found in the Vega models - with eight channels probably also indicating a memory controller on the 256 Bit interface, similar to the competitor's intermediate models . The printed circuit includes eight-phase voltage preparation and a pair of 8PIN external power connectors - suggesting maximum power consumption of about 250 watts or more.

An innovative 7 nanometer manufacturing process for the core alongside a large power consumption that requires a pair of 8PIN connections provides the power with an unexpected and absolutely intriguing combination

Our new information reinforces the early rumors that AMD will initially focus on strengthening its supply in the mid-market before we see the Navi architecture evolve upward to replace Vega (if at all). However, it is worth noting as well Testimonials viewed in an up-to-date Linux kernel - according to which Navi will continue to rely on GCN architecture (RG Graphics) The old, not the Completely new as we had previously predicted.

GCN has been accompanying us in its various incarnations since 2011 - and it seems that a whole new beginning will only be seen at the beginning of the next decade.

Assuming that this information is true, we may have to wait for another new architecture, based on the 7 nm manufacturing process in EUV technology. Ultraviolet), to see worthy heirs for the top market products and for the C-. Certainly, the amount of questions we have still far exceeds the available information - but we really hope that this situation will change by the end of next month.

Competition against luxury models of At prices of 1,000 dollars or more will not come in 2019?

updating: As part of its financial reporting for the beginning of 2019, AMD announces that the first Navi models will be officially launched during the third quarter of the year, ie between July and September - and close to the expected availability date for the promising Ryzen 3000 models. Do to Is it worth getting into a septic alert?

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