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The first motherboard for 32 cores in the home market

Gigabyte is the first to announce official support for the CPU- 2 carrier

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AMD's unwavering willingness to continue to support the same processor residency and motherboards over time could lead to a lot of confusion and technical problems in the field, As we have already told you - and the most problematic situation may be that of the next generation 2000, which will retain the TR4 chassis and even the chipset Of its predecessors, but in practice it can not guarantee that all motherboards support the most powerful processors, at least without significantly compromising the maximum possible performance.

Consumers who want to use the most advanced and most demanding home processors will always need to do a preliminary market survey and make sure that the motherboard they choose will fit them perfectly - and now we seem to have the new Aorus X399 Extreme from Which begins with the trend, and is revealed with an official promise of support for the leading 32 model.

New Generation - New Technological Challenges

The impressive motherboard features uniform heat distribution for both front and rear, including its three M.2 connectors, two EPS connectors that provide the energy required for processors with a thermal envelope of up to 250W, eight memory slots , Four PCI-Express 3.0 X16 connections, a connectivity solution 802.11ac and Built-in 5.0, three wired Ethernet connections, one of which supports speeds of 10 gigabits per second.

The board itself was revealed at the CES exhibition last month - but now there is a commitment from the CES For support on all models, including 32 cores in 2990X

The futuristic, fun-looking panel will be based on an electric design provided by the VRM's 10-phase processor and three more DRAM memories - 2000 most intimidating, in an era where we have also met panels with 16 phase processor? We will soon find out - and we will hear similar promises and declarations from the competing manufacturers, of course.


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  1. Not too bothered, already running 36 cores with 72 capillaries at home, one-tenth of the real price and with a burst of turbo in bios (3.5ghz in all cores at the same time)

  2. I hope being at the board / chassis won't be like standing in front of a burning fireplace…

  3. Are more phases, better for the processor .. and are there too many? Let's say if there were thirty phases ..

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