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The following AMD video cards are exposed to performance test (updated)

updating: Chinese site Declares On the possibility that the RX 590 will become official in just over two weeks, at 15 in November, with a local price tag of 2,100 RMB, which is about $ 302 - and with a new basic working frequency of 1,545MHz, which will jump over 200MHz above operating frequencies Official for the RX 580.

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Of course we would rather see a watering of Brand new in the middle market instead of a slight refresh of the existing one for a while - but apparently it's better than nothing.

The original article: The heir to the Vega 10, RX 590 demonstrate their potential performance improvements as clearly as possible to date

The innovative and mysterious Navi architecture is still some distance away from us, but new AMD graphics processing products seem to be around the corner - perhaps as part of the Polaris mid-market as well as the high (or medium-high-end) Vega architecture in the era Modern). We receive all this information thanks to the database The performance test that accompanies the game Final Fantasy XV, Which provides us with results for the new models under multiple resolutions and graphical settings, including a comparison to the capabilities of the other products already available in stores.

First, RX 590, which appears to be fully ripe for launch - a model image of the enhanced model from PowerColor has already found its way to the network with permission to use 8GB's Graphically, similar to the leading model of the existing Radon RX 580, and at the same time it seems that the potential for improvement matches what we assumed.

When official samples are already ready with PR - This usually indicates that the official announcement is very close
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According to the performance test on FFXV, the RX 590 results under maximum graphical settings at 4K and QHD resolutions are about 14 percent better than those of RX 580 models, and good for 24 percent compared to Radeon RX 480 models - which is enough to compare and even exceed the card GeForce GTX 1060 compete with Dynamic Memory 6GB. It is worth remembering that Itself is preparing us updated versions of the model in question that may restore the status quo, but at present it seems that Did a good job of pushing the Erik- Its up to the limit.

Is this the improvement that gives us beyond a more modern and efficient production process? In the meantime, these assessments are not verified

What is left now is to wait patiently for the official presentation, especially for the RX 590 price tags that will determine how competitive it will be compared to all other tickets sold at 300 dollars and less.

Is there any hope for the launch price of 280 dollars or less?

Another graphics card that appeared in FFXV's database, this time under the code name of the 66AF development code: C1 (enough to know that this is definitely an AMD product), offers even more advanced performance and tickles the competitor's GeForce GTX 1080 from below. Is this the first public appearance of the Vega 20 core, which is equivalent to the Vega 10 in RX 64 in the innovative manufacturing process of 7 nanometer? This seems to be a perfectly logical hypothesis at this stage.

The future model, which is probably based on Vega architecture, is approaching a distance from the GTX 1080 - in a title performance test known for its relative preference for (Which helped bring it to the PC world)

It is not certain that this is proof that, Indeed, they plan to launch a model Dedicated to gaming based on the Vega 20 (until now we only know about the program to launch a model Pro for professional users), but we will keep our fingers crossed - and also hope that the decline of the cryptographic mining craze will allow us to enjoy competitive and sane prices if and when it comes to fruition.

The Square Enix test may not be the most effective or objective - but it is definitely a good starting point for us

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