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The forecast: a decrease of 20 percent in the price of graphics cards may delay the next generation

New Digitimes Report May Optimize Anyone Coming Up for a Material Upgrading in the near future - but not for those who are patiently waiting for brand new products

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There are already reports of a possible delay (further) in the network as the timing of the launch of a new NVIDIA video card generation due to the need to dispose of significant stock of Pascal models that have accumulated in the name of the sharp collapse in demand - but when that information suddenly arrives From Digitimes The Taiwanese with the impeccable reputation, this possibility becomes much more tangible.

A short report tells us that millions of new video cards exist Itself and its partners, along with anticipated market flooding in models from the cryptographic mining world, together create expectations that will be far greater than demand - with the planned response being a sharp cut in prices by up to 20 percent of the price for the most popular and popular models, already during the current month .

The contemporary generation will be particularly lucrative - but at the expense of the next generation, it seems

This sharp cut should be a blessing for those who are already looking for a reality in the field, but also a disappointment for those who have already begun counting the days until the arrival of the designated Turing generation. The claim is that the new video cards are (In the process of production of 12 nm and ostensibly also in the innovative production process of 7 nm) will only come at the end of the year 2018, and come out next month as estimated. Has already invited such journalists to the Gamescom conference to be held next month, but at present it seems that the chances of receiving more than a little new information at this time have dropped significantly.

May benefit from being the smallest of the two actors in the field - but we also expect price declines that are hard to ignore

AMD and AMD Although it is not mentioned in the report directly, but it is reasonable to assume that according to the huge price increases of these models at the height of the digital currency storm, here too we will see a strong fall that will provide an opportunity to purchase at attractive prices. All that is left is to hope that the promised apartments will arrive quickly, and will be large and wide enough to allow anyone interested to renew without having to tear the pocket.


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  1. What poetic beauty….
    Buy a huge stock of pork manufacturer that doesn't even intend to hide….
    Then it will upgrade production that it will sell at a new overpriced price and last year's model will save slightly and not respectively….
    Oh and spinner happens to get rich again at the expense of miners ...
    Game and….
    Using Kim Gooong's methods…

    1. What a fun song hardware, at the price only rose
      We will respond with great anger and anger, to change the situation
      Cartel and miners, they think only of money
      The situation is so terrible.

  2. If there really is a significant amount of tickets from mining to the used market, the price of new ones will drop far more than 20%.
    My estimate: Used 1060 6GB from mining will cost less than $ 100, and new around the $ 200.

    1. Nvidia competes for herself:
      Planning to sell a new generation, probably stuck with large surpluses of the current generation,
      And from mining there is a threat of the market being flooded with used tickets.

    2. Because people are shemale and don't have a spine, and they also like to stab knives in the back.
      A boycott can be made but there is a country that cannot push satisfaction so that is what happens.

  3. I'm considering selling my 1060 and putting the money aside. A very great chance that in the same amount I can buy 1070 and even 1070ti.

  4. Who would want a used card from mining?
    He'll probably be on the verge of death. After working at the peak of 24 hours a day seven days a week.

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