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The founding father, finally with USB Type-C: The Surface Pro 7 tablet is coming

Processors Modern with modern connections expect you in the new generation of advanced tablet - which chooses to keep its familiar design from previous years

It was easy to forget the Surface Pro 7 for much more innovative devices like the Surface Duo and the Surface Neo, but the original Microsoft Windows tablet is interesting in its own right, thanks to an updated starting price tag and the improvements in the first 10 Nm chips .

The seventh rollout of the tablet that began in 2013 will retain the same high-quality 12.3 × 2,736 pixel screen, but will upgrade processing power with modern Ice Lake processors - starting with i3-1005G1 dual core (with relatively old and UHD Graphics core), through the i5-1035G4 Square Core that enjoys a modern Iris Plus core with increased performance and ending in i7-1065G7 The leading core quad, also with Iris Plus core with 64 processing clusters.

Adopts the Type-C Union is not really fashionable

Together with the latest processors, new generation purchasers will also enjoy fast LPDDR4X memories in the volume between 4GB and 16GB, a drive Built in volumes between 128GB and 1TB, dual-channel Wi-Fi 802.11ax connectivity, a pair of 1.6 watt one stereo speakers, 5 megapixel front camera with technology Hello for face-recognition security, 8 megapixel rear camera, 10-and-a-half-hour battery - and a small, modern USB Type-C connection for the first time (without technology 3, unfortunately), plus a connection One Type-A, earphone slot, card reader And dedicated connections for charging and for the familiar Type Cover covers.

A variety of accessories in black, gray, red and blue - sold separately and at very high prices

The Surface Pro 7 will be offered with the same quality magnesium casing from the Surface Pro 6, in platinum or black shade, with a thickness of 8.5 millimeters and a starting weight of 775 grams (without a keyboard) - at a new starting price of 750 dollars, for which a processor will be accepted i3, Dynamic 4GB memory and drive Of 128GB. Not a very spectacular spec to run to tell him about the guys, but the tech giant seems to be convinced that they have the knowledge and ability to provide a worthwhile 2019 user experience with it as well.

Upgrading to Ice Lake processors will help Microsoft align with modern competitors' systems - but you should expect an upgrade to the exterior design that will make the product more like Pro X has renewed its next incarnation

Model with Of 128GB and 8GB of dynamic memory will cost 900 dollars, a model with 256GB for storage will already cost 1,200 dollars and from there prices will climb quickly up to a top model with a terabyte of Fast and 16GB of LPDDR4X for no less than 2,300 dollars - and this is no extra 160 dollars for the modern Signature Type Cover and 100 dollars for the enhanced touch pen (both with four different shades to choose from).

Surface Pro 7 will officially go on sale at the end of this month - and we have nothing left to ask you if it justifies high pricing for its exclusive and exclusive features.


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