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The future is here: Samsung's innovative GDDR6 memories

The giant chip maker is gearing up for a revolution with mass production of dual-volume chips and higher working speeds than we ever knew - when SK Hynix also entered the race with chips Her own

Just a few weeks ago we fantasized about the new GDDR6 graphics from Micron, which began mass production with 8 gigabit volumes per packet And up to 16 gigabits per second per bit in the memory interface - and now comes the next era to announce even bigger numbers, this time by .

The largest chip manufacturer has announced the launch of mass production of the first GDDR6 graphics chipsets of 16 gigabit capacity per chassis , Or 2 to each gigabyte , Compared to a maximum of one gigabyte that has been with us for years. Meaning - half the amount of chips to get to the same volumes we got used to with video cards, and a theoretical multiplication of the maximum possible volume to get the same number of chips, up to 32 gigabytes (!) In one card.

Leaping above all competitors - now also in the field of graphic dynamic memories

If that is not enough, the memories produced at the "10 nm" process (in these areas it is not customary to specify a specific number for the lithography) will suggest lower power consumption from the And the GDDR5X - and no less than 18 gigabits per second per bit in the memory interface that connects to the processing cores, compared to the maximum of 16 gigabytes we met at Micron. This number can provide an effective bandwidth of over 500 gigabits per second for cards at the 256 bit interface, over 800 gigabytes per second at the 384 bit interface - and above the 1.1 terabytes of movie width for transferring upper market ticket information with an interface 512 Bit. Awesome - and a head-to-head contest with the best of standard .

The new models will be a good reason for manufacturers to abandon the continued adoption of HBM2 technology?

The tribe of Will appear in the first products this year, Micron - and chips Of SK Which are now available for official purchase, it seems.

After Micron and Samsung, too Joining this race

The second major Korean memory manufacturer on the market added two models of GDDR6 chips on its official site, with 8 gigabits per gigabyte (GB) and speeds of between 10 Gigabit per second (14) Bit per second interface point, which does not break records like Samsung's new offerings but enough to be significantly faster than the leading GDDR5X chips. In other words, it seems that the GDDR6 is already ready to be part of the next wave of processing products, and to push the GDDR5 into the most basic market in place of the GDDRXNUMX,.

The chips of Although less elaborate than those of competitors - but may be available for purchase from various manufacturers at an earlier stage - and profit from it


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