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MSI's GeForce GTX 980 Ti Lightning card has been unveiled

One of the most recognized and advanced brands in the graphics card market is finally adopting the latest GTX model . Will we have a king? New?

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MSI Lightning cards are now well known as those at the top of the scale when it comes to quality, coolness - and especially potential Maximum, which plays a significant role in the upper performance market. So what happens when this reputation meets with Ti NVIDIA's excellent? We will get the answer soon, with the launch of the newest and most advanced lightning card to date.

The model will occupy three slots in a package, a body gallery Massive five-tube heat conduction and three fans, protection plate and back heat dissipation, voltage measuring points, a dedicated 10-layer printed circuit with 12 + 3 power phase voltage and power supply design, three power connections (two 8 pins and one XNX type Pin) - as well as high 6MHz base frequencies for the core to 1,202MHz in Boost mode, and effective 1,303MHz frequency for memory.


It will be interesting to see how the new Lightning will compete against GeForce GTX 980 Ti K | ngp | n As impressive as it launched Recently, he took a unique approach in which he was offered at six different price levels (up to 1,050 dollars!), Each of which guarantees a high and defined minimal quality level that greatly reduces the dimension of luck that plays a role in each purchase of And their potential varies from core to core even when the product itself is the same.

msl3 msl2


It is not yet known how much the advanced model will cost , But we'd love to know how willing you were to invest in this monster.

msl6 msl5

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  1. Nothing compares to Titan at all. Do not buy such tickets to leave them with air cooling.
    A person who bought a KPI at $ 1050 and knows what he is holding (and not just an enthusiast who can afford)
    Will open it from all directions and at minimum will put it under water with a quality 240mm radiator. It is likely that he will also put it under the LN for fun

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