The official GeForce RTX 2060 branding leaked to the HWzone network
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The GeForce RTX 2060 has been leaked to the network

updating: New and interesting information comes to us from the Chinese site Expreview, which claims that the RTX 2060 will actually be the latest RTX model in the desktop market, while more basic models will retain the old and familiar name GTX - meaning there will be no cards RTX or 2050 2050 Ti, allegedly.

These intermediate market models will still be based on the Turing generation cores, although these will be another type of core where the beam tracing units and possibly the Tensor units may not be activated or even physically cut off the chip and will not exist - where another real possibility is Divide the video card family into gaming for two, with the same models GTX will get the numbering 1100 (ie GTX 1150 Ti - And GTX 1160 and GTX 1160 Ti), which will be particularly distinct from the G- More expensive and sophisticated.

For those who are not really impressed by the ability to track the horns of But simply want an intermediate card with maximum cost-benefit ratio - this move May be a real blessing. We hope to discover all the details within about three weeks.

Original Article: The most accessible is ready for its launch, it seems

The sudden appearance of the RTX 2060 card The new designated In a number of different places across the retina has left us with quite a few question marks, but it seems that in a few weeks everything will become clear - and we'll start the 2019 year with a model Accessible and a little more sane for the masses.

Andreas Schilling, one of the editors at the Hardwareluxx hardware site, Provided in his Twitter account Additional verification that a new interstitial card is from Will come very soon, bearing the name GeForce RTX 2060 speculated and indeed includes active tracking cores that will give him the possibility to activate the capabilities of the new DXR in - 12 - adding that the second week of January 2019 will probably be the intended launch date for the model.

A simple picture that says a lot - when it comes from a source that is generally considered reliable

The reputable source has not confirmed or disproved the The technical data we heard about the intermediate model, With 1,920 CUDAs in 30 processing clusters - but verified the claim to use 6GB's GDDR6 models, which are expected to provide a nice addition to the total bandwidth in relation to the GTX 1060 equipped with memories , Including the updated incarnation that was equipped with GDDR5X.

This may be a test result Another of the 2060 that promises us an even greater leap in capabilities compared to Final Fantasy XV's performance test - but it's worth remembering to treat everything with great skepticism, especially in a situation where graphical memory doesn't match the rest of the leaks

So far, most estimates have pointed to the CES exhibit beginning in the first week of January as the RTX 2060 announcement date, along with the first Turing models for the mobile market as well - does the hint we have just received indicate a possibility for official exposure during the big Las Vegas media event and an in-store launch A week later? We will continue to follow, and hope that in Are already preparing their own appropriate response to the matter.

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