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There is no Navi in ​​his city: AMD's new-era graphics cards may only arrive at the end of the year

The Navi generation, which is expected to inherit and you At the same time, may be delayed and come to us later than expected

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Cards VII, and despite the significant improvement they have provided, are not a major breakthrough in graphics processing, both in terms of cost-benefit ratios and in terms of the potential for further acceleration or for exceptionally efficient and effective action, it is easy to understand why many eyes are already on the generation The new Navi, which has been designed and developed from the beginning to implement an innovative production lithography instead of switching For retroactive use.

The Navi architecture should be flexible enough to fit both budget and basic video cards and video cards in the high market, which will be a very good news given that even today the aging Radeon RX 580 is the most affordable graphics processor that can be purchased for less than 1,000 - A fresh report declares That the departure of the director of the graphic division last year and some other key characters are doing their own, and Did not appear in practice before October 2019.

B- We were assured that the development process of the E- Ended at the end of last year - but it still does not guarantee that there will be delays on the way to commercial and mass production

Previous estimates have suggested Navi can be launched at the beginning of this year, or at the latest at the Computex show in June, partly because estimates that the improved VEGA cores in the 7 nanometer will not be offered to the gaming world - but actually we got Vega VII at the top, In the Navi design process that will push it close to the first dedicated video cards from home , Ostensibly.

Can we see more new video cards based on Vega cores in the 7 nanometer? We certainly hope that - otherwise the situation in the graphics processing market may become very problematic for both And for the buyers themselves

If the reports are accurate, it seems that Enjoy another year (or almost a year) of unrivaled technological advantage at all levels that will enable it to launch the GTX models of the Turing generation without a significant challenge in the environment and without particular concern for the generation of the G- Which will naturally affect the consumer prices we receive, and not in a way that most will like.

So what do you think the global GPU market will look like in the coming quarters? Let's share your comments.


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  1. ברבעונים הקרובים…?!
    קשה מאד!

    ואם יתברר שNAVI טוב רק כמו 1080TI אז נהיה בבעיה.
    משאלת ליבי (ויזדהו איתי עוד המון), שAMD תביא את RTX למחיר שפוי.
    אז…… GO AMD.


  2. השאלה האם יש מישהו שבכלל מופתע מזה?
    הם מורחים את הזמן יותר מדי, אם אינטל תעמוד בתאריך היעד ותיצור מוצר שמסוגל לתת תחרות לnvidia ולא רק במחיר אלא בביצועים אנחנו נראה מלחמה קטנה ולא בטוח שamd תצליח לסגור את הפער.

  3. בקיצור, חזל"ש !

    With all the desire, Raizen precedent in the field

    כרטיסי המסך, לא באופק, לפחות לא מצד AMD.

    Distinguished from the merry 3DFX days Co.,

    Today, plan and build this video card

    A piece of story, and not everyone can stand it.

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