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HWzone and AORUS!

HWzone Connects to AORUS from In order to bring you a raffle that's all gaming mice!

Update: We would like to thank all the participants in the Mice Lottery that we conducted together with . The winners were Gad, Rafael, Yotam and Tamir Eitam. Congratulations! We hope to see you in the lottery and other tournaments we will hold in the future!

The answers to the quiz are: falcon, monster and 5Ghz (we also received answers like 5Ghz +). Thanks to the participants!

Among the winners will be drawn no less than four equal gaming mice! Follow the participation details and get a chance to receive an advanced gaming mouse with an accurate sensor and light Customizable

One user who answers the correct answer will receive the AORUS M5 gaming mouse based on the new and highly competitive Pixart 3389 sensor! This mouse is equipped with a system of weights and light bulbs Controlled

Another user who answers correctly and will win the lottery will win the competitive gaming mouse M3!

Among other things, 2 will also distribute XM300 gaming mice With advanced and highly accurate optical sensors

How to participate?

In order to enter the HWzone mouse- You must leave a message in the responses with the correct three answers to the following questions. that's it!

An example of an answer would be: Antelope, the bombardment, 300Ghz

Terms and conditions of participation:

  • Registration for the sweepstakes begins today, the 18 in October and ends at 31 in October at 19: 00
  • The lottery is intended only for registered users and volunteers, not for guests or for comments . You can register to the site to comment and enter the lottery
  • Participation in the lottery is prohibited for the management of the site and their families
  • Participation in the lottery includes questions - If the participant answers the questions incorrectly, this user will not be rewarded. If the user responds to the lottery, we will contact him in a private message via the site's system and email address, if the user does not respond within a reasonable period of time, the site reserves the right to transfer the prize to a new winner
  • It is forbidden to open fictitious users in order to increase the chances of winning. The site system will disqualify these users from winning the lottery products
  • Prizes will be provided to winners through And / or its distributors. HWzone is used as a platform for advertising the lottery only, and is not a party to the matter

We invite you Follow us on HWzone's Facebook page For updates, or to register To our telegraph channel!

AORUS Israel also has a Facebook page And Instagram With everything new and hot in the brand's gaming world! You are welcome to come in and do a Lake, say the sun sent you :)

Good luck to the participants in the lottery!


233 תגובות

  1. 1. FALCON
    3. 5GHz +

    By the way, another good name for a very high-level computer - a tank, or as I called it, Un Panzer - a tank in German.

  2. Falcon (falcon)
    Advanced Eight Core Computer for 3D Processing and Design (Monster)

  3. Answer 1: The animal is a falcon (a type of dorsal chicken, a prey animal). In English: Falcon.
    Answer 2: The nickname of the computer in question is "the monster".
    Answer 3: The new motherboards of the Z390 models can reach the frequency of 5GHz and even more.

  4. Falcon, Monster, 5GHZ (really everyone was wrong and wrote that the bird is an eagle or something 😂)

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