NVIDIA Vs World: The End

The attempt to limit the use of video card manufacturers to exclusive brands of GeForce products Failed, after strong reactions from both the buyers and the main competitor

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Over the past month, most video card discussions and discussions have focused not on the performance and technical capabilities of the current generation or the next generation but rather on their branding following the exposure of the company 's GeForce Partners Program , Which threatened to break the long-term status quo by requiring card makers and computers to provide exclusive brands for its customers.

A series of new conditions it had begun Demand from its partners did not allow the use of identical brand names for its GeForce products and competitor's Radeon products , And even led to the "disappearance" of certain products from the official sites of some of the manufacturers - all of which naturally created anger among a considerable number of consumers who understood the value and importance of competition in this market.

The " Will continue to dominate the home graphics market in the near future - but less draconian and aggressive

Angry responses in a variety of sources on the Web, demands to investigate NVIDIA's seemingly anti-competitive behavior, and even an answer from AMD that chose wisely to brand the company's products as free market choice for those who do not want to give in to dictates - -NVIDIA Official announcements For the immediate cancellation of the controversial partnership plan.

It took awhile, but the reaction of The saga was intelligent, and apparently helped her earn points against her opponent

The lack of clarity about the specific terms of the GPP program, which was revealed only to the commercial partners who were asked to comply with them, is that even the announcement of the cancellation leaves us with quite a few question marks - how this will affect manufacturers who have already agreed and committed to the plan, This is between And the fate of the new AREZ family of products announced by Asus about two weeks ago as an official fast response to the GPP, which was designed to provide an alternative,. We will continue to monitor developments in the matter and will update you accordingly.

Are the AREZ cards to go up as they appeared, or the different manufacturers will choose to switch between the For the Although all? We'll see

While we are still waiting for the missing details to clear up, it is certainly possible to argue that this is a positive development for us - the consumers - which proves that the words of the intended purchasers have power and influence, even without the intervention of official legal regulators and a company that controls its territory and tries to use this commercial advantage To its advantage in a manner that is not common and is not particularly acceptable.