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Performance for the masses: GeForce GTX 1070 has been announced and is expected to conquer the market

Surprise or gift expected? Just before the end of the launch event of the GTX 1080 was introduced his brother, the GTX 1070 comes in a price tag more accessible with the promise of top end performance

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עם A single video card that costs 600 dollars They do not conquer the market alone. CEO Jen San Huang announces the Pascal architecture that will be available to the masses in the form GTX 1070.

At this point everyone has already known, GTX 970 is the most successful video card we have seen in recent years, perhaps even since the middle of the previous decade. A relatively simple piece of hardware with low power consumption and high performance, which cost almost NIS 2000, has become very popular among users . This is an achievement that has not yet been achieved by a piece of hardware that bears such a price tag.


NVIDIA decides to maintain the formula that worked so well on the GTX 970 and even strengthen it. The GTX 1070 looks like GTX 970 on steroids with promise to be as fast Which today costs NIS NIS.

Technical Specifications - GTX 1070

  • Core: GP104 in the 16 process
  • Amount United: 2,048
  • Core Function Frequency: Has yet to be announced, is expected to be 1,600 megahertz with additional 100's turbocharged
  • Memory: 8 Gigabytes of type Speed ​​8 GHz
  • Brown Shell: Has not yet been announced, is expected to be 160 watts
  • consumer price: $ 379 and $ 449 for founders (special cooling like GTX 1080)

There are two significant technical differences between the GTX 1070 and the GTX 1080. The first is the number of unified processors (2560 vs. 2048). The second and no less significant difference is the type of memory. GDDR5 memory is significantly slower than the GDDR5X used by the GTX 1080, which is expected to lead to difference respectable.


Do not worry. According to CEO And despite the relatively lukewarm technical specifications of the GTX 1080, the GTX 1070 is nevertheless expected to be faster than the GTX TITAN X monster, which means Similar to those of the Ti.

Thus, quite simply, the GTX 1070 brings out most of the top market products of existing graphics cards. Everything located north of the existing GTX 970 comes to the end of its relational life as a new product.

Puts AMD in a new challenge - the GTX 1070 is the next step in evolution after GTX 970
Places to A new challenge - the GTX 1070 is the next step in evolution after GTX 970

With the price of 379 dollars, which is expected to be translated into NIS 2,200 in Israel, the GTX 1070 deletes the " As a relevant option, with Ti and GTX X that make history also because of GTX 1080.

It is likely that the GTX 970 is not yet in mortal danger simply because its price is low enough to keep its head above water. With a price tag of about NIS 1,700, this video card is expected to remain relevant for a few more months, at least until a GTX 1060 Ti graphics card emerges into the market later this year.

The GTX 1070 is mass-produced at 10 in June, just after his big brother. Stay tuned as we bring you new information about the GTX 1070.

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