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HWzone Forums - also on your phone

From today, you can access HWzone forums from anywhere on your mobile phone

The wave of smartphones and applications that is sweeping the world in general and Israel in particular (the country where there are more cell phones than residents) does not skip HWzone, and we are happy to announce that today you can access our forums from anywhere in the world via your Smartphone, Tapatalk.
The app allows easy viewing of the various forums, tracking the topics that interest you, managing messages And a variety of other options (such as a widget with a shortcut to your favorite forum).

Tapatalk works on both iPhones and Android devices (and even on Phone 7 and Blackberry) and can be downloaded from the Market or iTunes Store.
After installing the application, click Search, click in the 'HWzone' search box and log in to our forums using the usual username and password.

To the homepage and download the Tapatalk app

Pleasant surfing,
Team HWzone


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  1. To 2- Why are you having a problem with this?
    So the whole post says more 3 words one might think.

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