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The i3 3220 processor in criticism: Prince of the Ivy Bridge family

Little Abie

Earlier this year landed the second generation of bridge processors, series Ivy Bridge של Designed for the chassis LGA1155. These are different from their predecessors in a smaller production process and in more advanced graphics. The emphasis is mainly on the graphical cores, since the difference in processor performance compared to previous generation processors is quite low, not to say negligible.

After that We met you The operational side of the Ivy Bridge processors, it's time to get to know the more budgeted and staged part,Core i3 3220. So who are you Core i3 3220?
Laboratory-Core i3 3220 Is a dual-core processor whose most prominent feature is theHyperthreading של , A technology that allows two additional logical cores to run, thus increasing processor processing capacity in parallel computing operations. Parallel computations for that matter would be things like rendering a three-dimensional model, converting a movie from one format to another, and many games getting an addition As a result. This processor belongs to the Ivy Bridge family, which means that it is manufactured in a nanometer process (compared to the 22 process of nanometers of the previous processor generation).
The processor, with its two cores and four manners, operates at an 3300 MHz frequency and supports power saving technologies that allow it to change the operating voltage and operation frequency according to processing power requirements. It has a 3 megabyte of third-level cache similar to that of its brother from serial series and previous series Core i3 And contains a graphical core of type HD2500 של . The heat envelope defined for this processor is 55W, although in practice the power consumption is usually lower, even significant.
The fact that the processor is locked is a product that can not be performed by the processor, so it is possible to perform the conversion to the built-in graphics core if there is a motherboard supporting the power. In addition, unlike his older brothers from the series Core i5 and-Core i7 This processor does not have a turbo function, so the highest operation frequency it will reach is 3300 MHz and no more. The key additions to the series of Abie Bridge processors have already covered the previous review (whoever wants, Find her here), So it's time to jump to the really important thing - performance tests.

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