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Silicon icing: The Core i9-9900KS processor gets a launch date

Eight cores processing, for the first time at a peak frequency of 5GHz - starting next month in select stores

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There are many drawbacks to maintaining some chip production lithography for a relatively long time as competitors move forward from one generation to the next - but there are also some benefits to this, as our decision by Launch the Ice Lake Family at 10 Num alongside the Comet Lake Family at, Each aimed for distinct advantages for a particular type of consumer.

Improving and improving some manufacturing technology over the years allows for the full realization of the potential and extremely high stable work frequencies - which is something Intel plans to take to the edge with the model its i9-9900KS, which will be the first ever octopus capable of bringing all of its processing cores to a single 5GHz frequency straight out of the box, in contrast to the 5GHz Maximum Frequency statement and even more when using a single core or a pair of cores and using significantly lower frequencies In Xi'an.

When life brings you , Made lemonade from it

The Core i9-9900KS processor was first introduced to the Computex show in June, as the engineering (most recent?) Record of the company's 14 nm manufacturing process that has undergone four different rolls over its availability to the masses over the years - eight physical cores with HyperThreading technology support, Operate at 4GHz base frequency and at maximum 5GHz turbo frequency, for both single and all eight cores, combined with the familiar UHD Graphics 630 core and memory controller Dual channels at base frequency of 2,666MHz. There is also an open frequency multiplier for those who are interested in performing Another, as the letter "K" indicates in the model name.

We expect a significant shortage of 9900KS models which will jump upwards accordingly - at least at the beginning

Intel has now announced that the 9900KS will be officially available for purchase in October - for the time being, with no official recommended price tag unfortunately, though based on the $ 488 price for the Core i9-9900K and Core i9-9900KF models -9900KS will cross the 500 dollar threshold and fight directly against the 12 Core model from the Ryzen 3000 family of .

The model's power casing is still unknown to us, although it has been proven on several occasions that 95 watts from home Are able to consume approximately 140 watts of power at extreme times, making this figure less relevant and less real-world - and if we have to guess that the new top model will be able to display more than 150 watts of power when all its cores run at the maximum 5GHz frequency That the heat sink and product temperature will allow.

Demonstrated the action of the 9900KS on stage at the IFA 2019 show - and we may soon hear of quite a few highlights 8 cores are broken thanks to professional rushes that will take the model to the edge

Flashing from home Or a redundant model? It may be that in a month from now we can decide - but what is certain is that we are already eagerly awaiting how the first generation of 10 nm processors will work In the stationary home market, somewhere over the next year.


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  1. It is interesting that you never bother to mention that this cost of cooling is expensive enough to keep this processor at ambient temperatures - completely changing the cost / benefit ratio of the product.

  2. This is not new.
    It's been 5 years for this to go hand in hand. _ (But don't worry, you'll get a Stoke fan from Intel!) ……… (lol)

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