The Kaby Lake processors demonstrate impressive performance results under liquid nitrogen, and without it, HWzone
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The Kaby Lake processors demonstrate impressive performance results under liquid nitrogen, and without it

5Ghz on Is not enough air for you? At CES 2017 we received impressive demonstrations of the true peak frequencies that Intel's new desktop processors can reach

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Intel, in collaboration with HWBOT, today's largest body for competitive overclocking, demonstrates at CES 2017 the new processor capabilities of Under extreme cooling. God- i7 7700K was the star in this competition and it was brought to extremely high frequencies.

Some of the best overekluckers in the world have received scores And motherboards in order to reach the highest frequencies under Non-conventional.

Under liquid nitrogen, the Core i7 7700K processor. Source:
Under liquid nitrogen, i7 7700K. Source:

Among the overkluckers is also the German Der8auer, representative Which achieved a frequency of just over 7300 MHz (!) Using liquid helium.

A respectable achievement for radical overclocking
A respectable achievement for radical overclocking

One of the interesting facts about this achievement is that all cores worked together with HyperThreading technology. This is one of the most impressive achievements of competitive overclocking in the world of processors. The actual operation voltage was around 1.75 volts.

As of now, the overklocking statistics of the new Kaby Lake chips are quite positive. It seems that most of the processors currently participating in sites like hwbot are able to reach relatively easily to a stable frequency of 5 GHz. Have already been recorded About Which achieved absolute stability of 5.1 and even 5.2 GHz.

An important factor in achieving these results is a process called delid, in which the copper cap over the processor and cheap thermal paste is replaced by liquid metal with significantly higher conductivity properties.

Processor exposed. There are reports of a reduction of up to 25 ° C thanks to this process
Processor exposed. There are reports of a reduction of up to 25 ° C thanks to this process

Some even leave the processing core completely exposed and attach the heat sink to it. Of course, it is important to remember that the exposed core is fragile and sensitive without significant pressure and pressure.


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  1. So childish and not about nitrogen
    No one here will work with nitrogen
    The whole issue of nitrogen work on people with eyes and make them fantasies.

  2. Overclocking is a competitive niche and hobby. It is important for people to understand this

    Love to renovate and improve cars until the illegality of road travel is a niche and a hobby

    Construction and flying of controlled models is a niche and a hobby

    It is important for people to understand that this thing exists, if they want to experiment with it for pleasure. Anyone who doesn't like him doesn't have to attend.

    1. I did not understand exactly what the great wisdom to do with overclocking.
      After all, it's not about hacking, it's just a simple change of settings, and the addition of liquid nitrogen cooling which is also quite trivial.

      Thank you if anyone who explains to the Green like me the meaning of the enthusiasm of the overclocking.

      1. Competitive overclocking is one of the hardest things in the hardware world. "Simple change of settings" is the farthest definition of competitive overclocking. We are used to making overclock by the same simple change, competitive overclockers need 101 voltage settings, frequency and whatever their son, sometimes in the most literal way. There is competition against time, against the resistance of the hardware to the most microscopic changes in very specific settings and there is the chemical challenge that exists against a temperature close to the absolute zero where the hardware behaves completely differently.

        Competitive overclockers require high-level electronics and printed circuit board specialization to make physical product changes to achieve as stable and high overclocking as possible

        I would highly recommend reading some on the subject, maybe watching videos. It will certainly give a better perspective on the competitive overclocking world

  3. My dear friends, you are responding but not to what you really need.
    All your responses so far (according to the past facts) are correct! _ (Nitrogen and Helium are unrealistic!)
    But most importantly, no one responded.
    I remind you of the DELID action!
    We had the same thing with the DEVIL CANYON processor that if you had Intel's BOX fan mounted on it ... you would have reached 100C in the first little effort.
    If you put a new fan on it like the D14 the processor would drop in an effort to 75-82 degrees!
    But if we did him DELID… in an effort he would not have passed the 60C.

    And the same with that shit!
    I have one interesting question about this topic:
    Does Intel do this on purpose so that home users can't enjoy high frequencies?
    Is it a net money? (Cost of conductive material)?
    What are you saying?
    Greed or ignorance?

    1. Lovebirds. I guess a little bit of everything. There is money saving here and a lack of consideration for the minority he cares about as well as an overclocker. The majority that does not state that Intel has a good enough reason not to invest in a good thermal solution for K processors

  4. As Lior said Overclock is a hobby like any other hobby such as car enhancements or like a gamer who always likes to improve on the best card and the highest quality screen and get as much FPS as possible. I'm a net overclocker and I don't care about games and that's what makes me do it - try to push as much hardware as possible with all the aids I have - in my case it's "just" dry ice and replacing internal ointment for the processor (Delid) and using the best boards for the overclocker, choose a processor with Successful silicone and good memories (B-DIE) to get a good result.

    Overclocking is not as simple as -

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