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An amazing sight: the laptop that makes smartphones jealous

Huawei decides to take advantage of the stage of the world's largest mobile exhibition to launch a very special computer

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The next-generation pocket devices of Huawei Launched in just a month, on 27 in March, but the Chinese actress has managed to generate significant online interest without them - through a new generation of The Matebook X Pro, with a thin screen shell in a completely unprecedented way.

Laptops (and also desktops) have been following the trend of narrowing and cutting the frames around the display panel for a while now, just like in the smartphone world - and Huawei seems to have decided to take this race one step further when creating Whose screen occupies more than 90 of its total shell space, 91, to be exact.

Very impressive from a company that entered the market only two years ago

The Matebook X Pro's screen is so innovative that the company has had to develop an unexpected webcam solution - integrating it with the mobile body in a configuration that 'pops' out when in use, and also serves as a kind of shutter that ensures it doesn't turn on and document without consent or knowledge The consumer.

The 'pop-up camera' from the keyboard is a very nice flash, even if the angle is not optimal

The rest of the specification of the laptop consists of a bright and advanced 13.9 x 3,000 pixel resolution with 2,000 millimeter thickness on all sides, Core i4.4-5U and Core i8250-7U quad-core, LPDDR8550 memory xD Gigabyte, 3 Gigabyte or 8 Gigabyte NVMe Drive-Based Storage Volume, Impressive Dimensional 16 Watt Battery, USB Type-C Connector with Thunderbolt 256 Connector, 4-Speaker Array And even a graphics card of the kind MX 150 that will be offered in all product versions.

The really painful thing here will be the price, which will range from 1,500 USD / EUR as a starting point to 1,900 USD / EUR for the most advanced model - Ouch.

The new version will be available in silver or gray, and with Active - vs Passive and silent in versions of last year that offered less processing capabilities

Huawei was not satisfied with the computer and also launched a pair of fresh tablets based , And not just tablets - but expensive and prestigious models with a generous QHD resolution of 8.4 inches and 10.8 inches, a system Oreo, two or four (In the small and large model respectively) and chips 960 advanced octagonals, such as those that operated the P10 and P10 Plus devices last year. Could it be something worth 350 euros and more of your money? We doubt it - but it's a little hard to argue with a giant manufacturer that breaks its own records every time.

A new generation of MediaPad devices will be particularly prestigious - in a completely opposite direction to the mainstream of the declining tablet market


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  1. Slightly spared memory….
    After all, the 4 exists…
    And there's 5 on the way….
    It's a bit much style but the engine and fuel a little lacking ...
    Instead, did we get "Donkey Style"?
    Yes I know - not perfect….
    But it really is not in the sky to co-ordinate memory for the processor and everything else…
    Take another 50 green….
    But don't count on our memory to forget - ddr3 really near the end of his life….

  2. Nice speech, but the "8th Generation" processors are offered

    Mobile only still supports ddr3.

    Turn the allegations to Intel. :)

    1. Wrong, there are lots of computers with eighth-generation processors that come with DDR4 memory

  3. Yes Shmuel, that's already put right before your post.

    So -

    I didn't exactly (and so I put the link) -

    As is also highlighted in what you wrote,

    In the case of ddr4 there is support.

    However, in the case of lpddr4 there is no support, but only in 3.

    So since all the "sexy" or at least most of them and also the title in the title,

    Using lpddr, this is only limited to the 3 version.

    So far the correction!

  4. ask me
    Thanking and leaving… ..
    The pointe was not much of a "shtanz" between new and old much more… ..
    Because it's even more expensive to buy today even ddr2….
    So take a little more and give a lot more…
    As told to Israeli athletes - you can do much more at the same price… (:

  5. The point, which you insist not to see, is technical / design.

    Not every design can put ddr4.

    So put in what is possible, in the case in question is lpddr3.

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