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Great launch: The innovative Zen processors will be presented at the world's largest gadget show

The new and promising generation of Is scheduled to receive the stage at the CES 2017 exhibition in January

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B- Just recently launched the Bristol Ridge generation, the seventh and latest APU processor generation to be based on a Bulldozer-derived architecture - and it's no surprise to find that media coverage for this event is minimal. After all, around the corner is already the dawn of a new era with Zen architecture, and also beyond production in a recent process of With transistor .

We already know that the first Zen processors, which promise to deliver up to 40 percent of the capabilities and performance Single (efficient and improved operation as well) versus the E- The most recent (V2 Excavator) Which is branded under the name FX and targeted to the high performance market without any built-in graphics cores - and now we get an update that despite all the efforts, the official launch and first commercial models will be coming to us not this year, but early next year.

The new models will be launched on the stage of the world's largest gadget and technology exhibition - alongside the NVIDIA GTX 1080 Ti
New models will be launched on the world's largest gadget and technology exhibit - alongside the NVIDIA GTX 1080 Ti

According to a report Of the well-known Taiwanese business site Digitimes, Will take advantage of the CES 2017 exhibition in Las Vegas to launch its first Zen processors, along with the X370 chipset that will be the most advanced for its new AM4 chassis, which will be universal both for high-end models and for the APU models in the other segments of the market As opposed to the competitor's tactics Which separates them, as is known) and has already been officially launched with the Bristol Ridge processors.


The report states that Has already started cutting further prices for its existing FX models, which were launched somewhere in 2014, in order to get rid of most of the existing inventory for a smooth transition to the new era, which should be a much more significant competition for the leading models of . We will definitely hold on to that.


AM4-based motherboards and the X370 chipset are set to land on store shelves starting December 2016, while new FX processors (with four, six and eight physical processing cores) are expected to reach commercial volumes starting February 2017, assuming no last-minute delays - And in the middle of 2017 we are also set to receive the Raven Ridge family, which will be a new generation of integrated APU models Built - in graphics that will be based on And try to bring the gospel to the mainstream. Will be interesting - that's for sure.

A new production process, new cores, a new resident, a new name - will all this lead to new success?


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  1. It is interesting to see if AMD can really give Fayette to Intel finally ... for a long time that Intel has ruled here ...

  2. Only get rid of the division into letters and numbers (A4 A8 A10) that was not performance related.
    Return to 4 numbers like they used to, and Intel still shows.

  3. The fact that the bracket for both types of processors (both the built-in graphical core APU and the FX designed for the high performance / high-end market) is nice. The question is whether future generations of processors are guaranteed to use the same bracket and chipset, meaning that only the processor can be upgraded? If it is necessary to replace the motherboard every two generations as with competitors, then this single bracket will lose its advantage.

    Another interesting thing to see is the prices - not only of the processors but also of the motherboards. If both processors and motherboards are cheaper compared to Intel processors and motherboards for them (in terms of performance and features), AMD may well be able to increase its share in the mid-low market, and maybe even in the gamers market (in the low part), if the built-in graphics cores are really good .

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