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The Last Turing? New details about the GeForce GTX 1650 card (updated)

Original article: New video card from home Located on the horizon, with Which may be close to the level of GTX 1060 3GB known to us today

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Launch of the GTX 1660 has been able to significantly improve our interest in the Turing architecture thanks to lower prices and cost-effectiveness ratios that have been positively charged compared to previous generation cards sold as well as the RTX - and now we expect the arrival of a model GTX 1650 fresh that will take us under the bar of 200 dollars. Will he succeed in impressing? The evidence in the meantime is inconclusive.

Our information currently predicts the use of a new reduced core named TU117, which will include 896 active CUDA units (at least in the GTX version 1650 in question, when a more advanced Ti version can not be excluded with 1,024 or even 1,280 processing units in the future) Boost of 1,500MHz and graphics memory 4GB and 8,000MHz speed based on a fairly basic 128 interface.

model One last to the stationary market, before switching to preparations for the next generation and / or discounted refreshments based on the Pascal architecture?

The various GTX 1650 cards may carry a recommended 180 price tag, which is lower than the launch price of the basic GeForce GTX 1060 cards with 3GB Graphic but also higher in 40 dollars than the base price of cards GTX 1050 Ti - and the performance expected of us from the new models should be somewhere in the middle of the road.

First evidence of performance from the built-in Final Fantasy XV test does not paint a seemingly optimistic picture - but it may well be inaccurate data that may even belong to the mobile version of the card, so it is highly recommended to wait for more details and more reliable

If the model will indeed contain 896 units only processing is likely to be a gap The XXUMX GTX 1660 may be less cost effective than its predecessor, and is especially appealing to those who want an ideal graphics card without the need for external power connections from the power supply or at minimal and extreme dimensions In their system. We will continue to monitor this product with interest, and we hope to launch it early next month.

We continue to wait for the launch of the GTX 1660 Ti, the GTX 1660 and the GTX 1650, which has already been observed in the 3DMark family database.

updating: A recent report on videocardz indicates the 22 in April as the day on which the V- GTX 1650 may reach the stores - when there is a good chance that the official announcement and first reviews will reach the network before that. The GTX 1650 Ti will probably come a little later.

2 Update: A new leak from Tum Apisak on Twitter from the Final Fantasy XV performance test looks much more optimistic - with a performance level within reach of what RX 580 and GTX 1060 3GB, available in most cases at prices higher than the expected 180 for the GTX 1650. what do you think? Share comments.

The data for this performance test is not yet reliable or detailed enough for us - but it certainly looks like an improvement over the previous leak


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